Completed Capital Projects


Project Name Funding Source Cost
All Sites: Hydration Stations SGA and other $12,000
Applied Tech Edison 273: Split System Install OSIT Grant $9,800
Applied Tech Edison: Abatement (BD) Operating $1,500
Applied Tech Edison: Welding/Electrical Upgrades Local CIP  $8,500
Child Care: Play Yard (MF) Self-funded $266,952
Child Care: Rain Gutters/Snow Stops (MF) HECC SCHECC  $11,000
Dandini Learning Commons Programming Local CIP  $25,000
Dandini Library Carpet Replacement Local CIP $100,000
Dandini Library Enhancements (RAP) Local CIP $15,000
Dandini Library: Furniture/Electr. Upgrades Cap. Imp. Fees $460,000
Dandini Parking Lot Project (MF) Local CIP $2,664,000
Dandini Parking Lot Repairs (MF) HECC SCHECC  $100,000
Events/Auditorium/Technology Space (EATS) Local CIP  $48,000
Fitness Center & Playing Field Local CIP  $20,000
HSC Redfield: Alerton Controls Upgrade HECC SCHECC  $46,000
HSC Redfield: Part-time Faculty Office N/A  
HSC Redfield: Server Room Local CIP $437,000
Keystone: Railing Improvements Operating $3,000
Library: Fire Alarm HECC SCHECC  $18,000
MDWD North 301A: Carpet Grant $4,000
MDWD North: Nevada Works/JobConnect Relocation Assessment N/A  
MDWD North: Roof Replace (MF) MDWD Cap Acct. $225,000
MDWD South: Bathroom Remediation HECC SCHECC  $22,300
MDWD South: Carpet Replacement Operating $18,000
MDWD South: Paint and Bathroom Work Local CIP $33,000
RDMT Elevator #2: Floor Replacement HECC SCHECC $4,000
RDMT 247: Restroom Abatement (BD) Operating $18,000
Student Services: Remodel/Moves Cap. Imp. Fees $242,000
Tutoring Relocation to Library N/A  
University Police Department Emergency Phones Operating $8,120
University Police Department Office Reconfiguration Local CIP $16,000
VSTA 102: Remodel/Interactive Furniture Local CIP  $40,000
VSTA 103, 105; SIER 212; MDWD 103: Classroom Furniture Replacement Local CIP  $50,000
VSTA: Flooring Local CIP  $80,000
Total   $5,006,172


Project Name Funding Source Cost
Center for Applied Logistics Relocation Local CIP  
Dandini Vault Lid Replacement Operating $21,400
Applied Tech Edison Auto Lift Local CIP $1,580
Applied Tech Edison Remodel Phase II Donor $4,300,000
EMS & Fire Relocation Donor $21,000
Facilities Maintenance Office Operating  
HSC Redfield Camera Replacement Bowen $5,500
HSC Redfield Intrusion Alarm Science Division $3,224
MDWD Massage Carpet Replacement Local CIP $7,555
MDWD Paint and Carpet Replacement HECC SCHECC $92,000
Motorcycle Training Range   $9,200
RDMT 402-403: Sound Insulation Operating  
RDMT 407: Office Removal Operating  
RDMT North Stair Replacement Operating $9,000
Sierra Abatement Project #1 Local CIP $31,000
Sierra Abatement Project #2 Local CIP $6,700
Sierra Photo Studio/Sound Room Local CIP $15,000
Total   $4,523,159