Written Workplace Safety Program

Safety and Health Policy Statement

The TMCC Environmental Safety and Health Office's (EHS) mission is to support the Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) teaching and service functions. EHS assists organizational units in meeting their responsibility to protect the environment and to provide a safe and healthful place of employment and learning.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Written Workplace Safety Program (WWSP) is to build a foundational approach for identifying, evaluating, analyzing, and controlling workplace safety and health hazards through the identification of legal and other requirements and the development of systematic policies, procedures, and best management practices fundamental to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in-line with the TMCC Safety and Health Policy Statement.

The WWSP will serve as the outline to reducing workplace hazards and injuries through the systematic implementation of administrative and engineered controls focused on the continuous improvement of all faculty, staff, and student safety on all TMCC campuses and sites. To achieve this end, it is expected that all TMCC employees adhere to the TMCC WWSP and all associated policy and procedures related to the safety and health program. The intent is to foster a culture of sustainable safety and health best management practices to make TMCC a safe and healthy place to work, learn, and share.

Roles and Responsibilities

The overall safety and health of our faculty, staff, and students is everyone's responsibility. The sustainability of the WWSP, and the culture TMCC wishes to cultivate is based on the premise that we are all in charge of our own safety and health and remaining alert and aware of our surroundings and actions to nurture an environment of safety and health among our peers. Specifically, our:

Chancellor's Office, TMCC President and appointing authorities will:

  • Foster compliance in-line with the Safety and Health Policy Statement;
  • Support an integrated safety and health system;

TMCC deans, directors and managers will:

  • Provide adequate financial and personnel resources to address all safety and health issues; and
  • Support incorporation of safety and health considerations and sustainable injury prevention measures in all aspects of conducting business.

TMCC department chairs and supervisors will:

  • Maintain responsibility and accountability for compliance with all safety and health practices;
  • Institute work and best management practices which comply with regulations, policy, and procedure;
  • Promptly mitigate safety and health compliance deficiencies;
  • Educate and train employees regarding safety and health compliance; and
  • Respond to reports of safety and health incidents in accordance with site-specific procedures.

TMCC Safety and Health Office will:

  • Ensure policy and procedures are implemented to support the WWSP;
  • Provide input and guidance to site management and other employees on safety and health matters;
  • Provide training programs to promote understanding and awareness among all employees and others working on behalf of TMCC;
  • Review all planned and existing facilities and operations to ensure safety and health compliance;
  • Communicate with regulatory agencies and public entities regarding safety and health issues;
  • Report on safety and health matters to senior site and institution management; and
  • Lead responses to safety and health incidents including development of corrective measures.

All faculty and staff working on behalf of TMCC will:

  • Perform their jobs in compliance with safety and health training and prescribed procedures;
  • Report any safety and health incidents in accordance with site-specific procedures; and
  • Cooperate and contribute to the overall success of the site safety and health program.