Royal Father-Daughter Ball

Father and Daughter at the Ball

Enjoy a Memorable Night With Your Daughter

For 15 years, fathers and their daughters have created magical memories during this traditional Reno event held every November. 

This semi-formal dance is designed for girls from kindergarten through sixth grade and their fathers, grandfathers or special friends. Your child will receive a special gift, plus you can purchase photo memories and flowers to make the evening an extra special event that you will both remember for a lifetime.

Registration opens on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

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Here's what other parents had to say about the Royal Father-Daughter Ball:

"My whole family looks forward to the Royal Father Daughter Ball. My daughters get to dress up. My wife gets to dress them up, and I get to go on a date two beautiful young ladies. They have a blast dancing with all of their friends and a little with their dad."

Peter V. Ernster, Jr.

For three years my husband and daughter have been going to the father-daughter dances. The first one was my idea because of the memories they would make. Afterward, my husband thanked me so much. They both had so much fun. Now I ask, 'the ball is coming up want to go?' A grin on my husband's face means 'yes.' Thank you for all the years of memories you've given us so far.

Arwyn P.

Your event provides a great service to so many fathers and daughters and their opportunity to not only bond, but for fathers to establish what their daughters should expect of any man later in life.

Mitch B.

Thank you so very much for a wonderful time at the Royal Father-Daughter Ball. My two daughters and I have attended the last 4 years and this year's ball was our favorite. I don't have a single complaint and am absolutely gushing with praise.

David K.

Even the DJ raved about our event:

Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I had a blast! It is quite a rush for a DJ to have a dance floor rocking all night, to see the proud dads and their daughters and to contribute in a small way to local education.

K.C. Bouchard