Access to physical locations is limited; masks are required. Most Fall Semester classes have been moved online. More information is available at


Upcoming EPIC Courses

Upcoming Courses August and September 2020

Learn from the convenience of your home! Keep up your lifelong learning while maintaining social distancing. EPIC offers scores of professional development and personal enrichment online classes through the nation’s top online learning companies.

Arts and Crafts

  • Beaded Dragon Fly Suncatcher or Brooch
  • Beaded Rings
  • Drawing
  • Fabric Face Masks
  • Fearless Finger Painting
  • Japanese Braided Jewelry
  • Jewelry Making Basics
  • Needle Felt Your Pet
  • Pine Needle Baskets
  • Quilting I
  • Sewing
  • Thunder Gourds
  • Watercolor Basics

Career Certificates

  • 10 Elements to Consider before Applying for Grants: Online
  • Bookkeeping Career Certificate: Online
  • Florist Fundamental Certificate


  • Computer Basics
  • Excel Essentials I or II


  • Belly Dancing
  • Hoop Dance
  • Line Dancing I

Fitness and Sports

  • Archery I
  • Everyday Tai Chi: Energy Enhancement
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Gold at Canyon Nine Sommersett
  • Gold for Beginners
  • Self Defense
  • Tai Chi Fan
  • Tai Chi I
  • Tai Chi II and III
  • Tai Chi Intermediate


  • Basque Cider Wine Tasting
  • Italian Cooking
  • Sous Vide Cooking

Health and Wellness

  • Braiding for Beginners
  • GoalSpa
  • Holistic Health Therapies
  • Homeopathy
  • Keto: Let’s Get Started
  • Live Life Your way
  • Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation
  • Pain Management Nutrition
  • Yoga for Hand and Foot Relief

Health Career Certificates

  • Pharmacy Technician

Home and Garden

  • Fabulous Fruit Trees
  • Floral Arranging for Fun: Fall Holidays
  • High Desert Gardening Basics
  • High Desert Plant Selections
  • Thrift Stores: Bargain Bonanzas
  • Update your Bathroom: For Women
  • Upholstery
  • Women, Wheels and Wine: Car Care Clinic
  • Wood I
  • Wood II and III
  • Xeric landscaping

Languages and Cultures

  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese
  • Japanese for Fun and Travel
  • Native American Spirituality in a Modern World
  • Practical French I, II or III
  • Spain: Its Food, Culture and Language
  • Spanish I
  • Travel the Greek isles

Languages in the Workplace

  • Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation

Massage Therapy CEUs

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Massage Mechanics and Positioning
  • Sports and Athletic Massage


  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Buying and Selling Real Estate in Today’s Market
  • Estate Planning: Legal Documents
  • Financial Fitness
  • Making Sense of Medicare
  • Moving Forward
  • Retirement Planning Today
  • Secrets to Successful Rentals
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Wealth Building with Real Estate

Music & Performing Arts

  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Mandolin
  • Piano for Beginners
  • Piano Intermediate
  • Six-String Rock ‘n’ Roll Guitar I
  • Ukulele I or II

Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

  • Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour: Comstock Graveyards
  • Energy Healing Techniques
  • Ghost Hunting Technology
  • Spirit, Mind and Body Balance


  • Design a Customized Camp Kitchen
  • Fly Fishing for Beginners
  • Geology Exploration: Grimes Point
  • RV Lifestyle
  • Wilderness Survival Training and Camping: Summer Heat

Pets and Animals

  • Pet First Aid
  • Therapy Dog and Handler Certificate


  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Cell Phone Photography
  • Photo Portraits
  • Rails to Neon: Pop Art Photography


  • Pilates Using a Reformer
  • Pilates Using a Reformer – Advanced

Professional Development

  • Positive Confrontation and Techniques
  • Thrive in Turbulent Times: Online

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

  • Property Management Prelicensing with Judy Cook: Online

Silver Arts

  • Creative Writing for Silver Students
  • Personalized Photo Book
  • Piano I for Silver Students
  • Silver Acrylic Painting
  • Silver French
  • Silver Sign Language
  • Silver Spanish

Silver Wellness

  • Feeling Fit after 50
  • Silver Pilates Using a Reformer
  • Silver Stretching for Mobility and Pain Relief
  • Silver Tai Chi
  • Silver Yoga

Special Interest

  • Bridge I: Bidding
  • Bridge IV: Conventions
  • Reno’s Casino Orchestra Heyday
  • The Journey After Life


  • Journal to Self
  • Writing Books That Matter
  • Writing for Hollywood