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Core Competencies for Dietetic Technicians

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Competency Statements for the Supervised Practice Internship Component

Competency statements specify what every Dietetic Technician should be able to do at the beginning of his or her practice career. The core competency statements build on appropriate knowledge and skills necessary for the entry-level practitioner to perform reliably at the performance level indicated.

The minimum performance level for the competency is indicated by the action verb used at the beginning of the statement. The action verbs reflect four levels of performance. The higher level of performance assumes the ability to performance at the lower level.

  1. Assist: independently perform under supervision, or participate - take part in team activities;
  2. Perform: able to initiate activities without direct supervision, or conduct - independently perform activities;
  3. Consult: able to perform specialized functions that are discrete, delegated activities intended to improve the work of others, or supervise - able to oversee daily operation of a unit including personnel, resource utilization, and environmental issues; or, able to coordinate and direct the activities of a team or project ,workgroup;
  4. Manage: able to plan, organize, and direct an organization unit through actual or simulated experiences, including knowing what questions to ask.

If the verb "supervise" is used, it assumes that the graduate will progress from "perform/do" the activity while in the program. Students may demonstrate that they can supervise an activity rather than an individual through such activities as quality improvement audits or coordinating the work of others.

Supervised practice internship competency checklists for clinical, community, and food service are all available online in our documents and forms.