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Help for Someone Else

Active Minds

Statistics show that you are more likely to encounter someone (friend, student, coworker, or member of the community) in an emotional or mental health crisis than someone having a heart attack. Suicidal ideation is not because someone is wanting to die or that they are weak; rather, they are wanting to end the pain that has become unbearable. Being a caring person who can listen and find help may mean all the difference in a person’s life.

Suicidality is not a phase or a way to seek attention. Individuals who are suicidal are reaching out for help.

How can you tell if someone is at risk?

  • Is the person making direct statements about self or other harm with immediate thoughts/plan/means/access/intent?
  • Is the person under the influence of alcohol or drugs that could lead to harm?

What are the signs of suicide?

Is the person you are concerned about showing any of the signs listed below? Use the mnemonic "IS PATH WARM" as an easy way to learn and remember the signs of suicide.

Letter Word Meaning
I Ideation Talking about suicide and wanting to die. Looking for ways to die, such as researching how to take one’s life.
S Substance abuse A sudden increase or excessive use of drugs or alcohol. Someone who does not use alcohol or drugs suddenly using them and in excess.
P Purposelessness Stating that there is no reason for living. Not having a sense of purpose in their life.
A Anxiety Agitation, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much.
T Trapped Feeling trapped and feeling that there is no way out. Feeling that there is no need to seek help because it will not do anything.
H Hopelessness Feeling hopeless about the future or the negative events in their life.
W Withdrawal Withdrawing from friends, family, social activities and school.
A Anger Uncontrollable anger. Talking about seeking revenge.
R Recklessness Acting recklessly or participating in risky activities, seemingly without thinking.
M Mood changes Dramatic mood changes.