Cybersecurity Center

TMCC’s Cybersecurity Center provides information for people interested in advancing their skills and knowledge in the rapidly growing Cybersecurity field.


Academic Programs

Cybersecurity Skills Preparation Certificate

This certificate is designed to provide foundational cybersecurity skills and preparation for professional certifications, such as Security +, that are recognized by the Department of Defense.

Cybersecurity AAS

This Associate of Applied Science degree adds general education and computer networking topics to prepare you for even more career opportunities.

Computer Science AS

This Associate of Science degree includes the classes you need for a smooth transfer to a Bachelor of Science degree.


Professional certifications can advance your career in cybersecurity. TMCC programs will help you prepare for these popular certifications.


Open Competitions

Capture the flag competitions allow you to develop and test your skills in a safe online environment. These competitions typically allow you to work on at your own pace and give you time to research an learn new skills. Here’s a list of capture the flag competitions to get you started.

High School Competitions

These competitions are designed specifically to attract high school students to the cybersecurity field and allow them to compare their skills to other students in the country. If you are interested, have your school check out the Cyberpatriot and GenCyber programs.

College Competitions

Enrolled TMCC Cybersecurity students are encouraged to participate in the National Cyber League and Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense competitions. Contact Bill Doherty for details.

Clubs and Events

Meet up with other students interested in cyber security. Enrolled TMCC students are encouraged to participate in meetings and guest lectures sponsored by the University of Nevada Cyber Club and skilled professionals are encouraged to share their perspectives with the group. Contact Bill Doherty for information about club meetings.

Additional Resources