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Classified Employee of the Month/Year Committee

Committee Chair


Committee Members

Renee Caudill, Carole Chouinard, Lisa Farmer, Valerie Kelley, Cynthia Olivo, Kyle Sadanaga, Jerry Sanchez


The Classified Employee of the Month/Year Committee reviews and votes on the monthly nominations submitted online by any TMCC faculty, administration, student, or classified staff member, for Classified Employee of the Month.

The monthly nominees are scored based on specific criteria and the award is bestowed upon the employee with the highest total score.


The committee also meets once a year to review the Employee of the Year nominations and to select a winner. These nomination are reviewed in a more in-depth manner, and the winner is awarded during the Annual Employee Awards Ceremony.

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Classified Employees of the Year

Year Name Department
2016 Amber Ka'Ai'ai Nursing Program
2015 Jackie Draper Scheduling Office
2014 Donna Clifford Assessment
2013 Gary Skibinski Auxiliary Services
2012 Michael "Mikey" Lockrem Maintenance Department
2011 Patty Balderston Admissions and Records Office 
2010 Jeffrey Metcalf Admissions and Records Office
2009 Dawn Ingraham Sciences Division
2008 Tracy Mentzer Grants Office
2007 Charlotte Lee History, Political Science and Law
2006 Vicky Davis Marketing and Communications
2005 Pam Hawkins Academic Affairs and Student Services Office
2004 Echo Marshall Financial Aid Office