Supervision Policy and Procedure

We believe that in order for children to learn and grow they need a safe environment. Supervision is the key to keeping children safe, thereby supporting learning and building strong relationships.

General Practices

  • Teaching staff are positioned so they can hear and see sleeping children.
  • At least two teachers are available at all times.
  • Children who awake early or do not sleep are supervised and provided quiet activities.
  • All employees are trained in Supervision policies and procedures.
  • Children will not be left alone with employees who have not completed an FBI background clearance and the Center’s orientation and training.
  • Field Experience, practicum students, volunteers and other visitors are never counted in the ratio or left alone with children.

Infant and Toddler Children

  • During meal times, in the infant room, one teacher will supervise the children who are not eating while another teacher prepares and serves food from the kitchenette.
  • Children will not be left alone in the bathroom. Teachers stay with children to monitor safe and healthy toileting practices.