CNA Program Prerequisites

Note: conducts all CNA background checks, drug screens and immunization certifications. Students can complete each requirement separately or all at once. You will not be allowed to enroll in the TMCC CNA Program classes until all requirements listed below are met.

Background Checks and Drug Screening

Background checks and drug screens are a requirement of clinical rotations.

If a student declines, or if the background or drug screen is unsatisfactory to the facility, the student will not be permitted to participate in the clinical portion of the program. Students are admitted to each course, subject to the results of the background check and drug screen, and acceptance at the clinical site.

TMCC is not responsible for obtaining background checks or drug screens, and will not receive the results of any investigations.

Current students are advised that they will be withdrawn from the program if clinical requirements are not met for any reason.


  1. Background Check (good for 1 year; cost: $49.50)
    CNA Program background checks are completed online through
    • Select school.
    • Select program.
    • Complete required fields, then "continue" to enter payment information.
    • Print receipt and submit to CNA Office.
  2. Drug Screen (good for 1 year; cost: $35)
  3. Immunizations, Insurance, CPR card (cost: $20)
    To certify your immunizations, insurance coverage, and CPR card for the CNA Program, go to to upload your documents.
    • Insurance: You will need to provide proof of your Major Medical Insurance Coverage for the class term.
    • CPR Card: American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS).
    • Immunizations: You will need to provide documentation of current immunization status.
      • Tetanus, Diphtheria Pertussis Immunity: DPT or Dtap or TDaP within 10 years.
      • Two negative TB tests within 1 year (one week apart is admissible).
      • Hepatitis B (series of three, one must be completed).
      • Two MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella).
      • Varicella Immunity (series of two immunizations or documented history from physician).
      • Influenza vaccine in flu season.
  4. Contact the CNA Program. When documents are complete, you will be released to enroll in classes within 24 hours.

More Information


TB screening
Initially, two TB skin tests are required (one test and then a second in one week) unless annual skin tests have been performed. After the initial tests, annual skin tests are required. These must be done prior to or on the previous TB test date, or two will again be required. If TB skin test is known to be positive, a current negative chest x-ray is required (good for 5 years). A yearly questionnaire will be performed thereafter.

Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunity
One MMR immunization plus a booster is required if you were born after 1957. Proof of immunity by blood titer will suffice but must be for all three diseases.

Hepatitis B series
The series of 3 immunizations, 1 initially. A second should be given within 1 month, and the third in 6 months is recommended. Evidence of immunity is acceptable.

Diphtheria/Tetanus immunization with a Pertussis booster.
The injection must have been received within the past 10 years.

Physician’s documentation of history of chicken pox, positive titer or immunization.

Influenza Vaccination
required in flu season (typically October–March).

A valid Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR card, sponsored by the American Heart Association. This is generally valid for two years and must be renewed if expiration occurs prior to the end of clinical experience. Note: online courses are accepted in conjunction with hands-on skills.