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Career Exploration: Discover


Discover...Know Yourself

Identify who you are regarding interests, personality, skills, values and other influences through various assessments and inventories. The following tools are some of the many assessment instruments that are available for individuals to use in forming a picture of who they are and provide a guide for further exploration toward making career decisions. To discuss any of these with a counselor, please contact us for an appointment.

We suggest you try some of the free or low-cost options, and bring your results with you to your counseling session for interpretation.

Strong Interest Inventory

This online assessment can be taken in the Counseling Center. Based on the six Holland Codes, the test matches 317 items of your interests to occupations and compares your answers to those in sample populations satisfied with their occupations. A pre-screening appointment with a counselor is needed first; interpretation is given by a counselor in a follow-up appointment $25 fee.

Self-Directed Search (SDS) (

Based on the six Holland Codes, the printed report provides a list of the occupations and field of study that most closely match your interests. Takes 20-30 minutes. Online cost is $4.95.

O*Net Interest Profiler (

You may take the Interest Profiler online in the Counseling Center or on any computer with a username and password. Based on the six Holland Codes (job environment matches 180 items of interest to occupations) this site offers skills and values assessments. You are able to set up your own account on this site and save inventories. It is helpful to have results interpreted by a counselor. Free to Nevada residents with a username and password.

Career Key (

The Career Key is a paper and pencil exercise that reviews interests and job titles based on the six Holland Codes. The exercise is free if administered and interpreted by a TMCC counselor. The online cost is $9.95.

MBTI: Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

You will need to take the ninety-three item MBTI Inventory in the Counseling Center. The inventory is useful in determining your personality preferences so that you may better understand yourself and others. It is also applicable in maximizing your strengths in both your work and personal relationships. A pre-screening appointment with a TMCC counselor is needed first and there is a $25 fee. Interpretation is given by a counselor in a follow-up appointment.

Jung Typology (

This assessment is a free online tool that can help individuals understand their preferences in work and communication styles. Similar to the Myers-Briggs Inventory, the Jung Typology has 16 different personality types and one type indicates your preferences.

MyPlan (

This assessment covers career information, college choices and majors and much more. It is free to access the website with the exception of a $20 fee to take three inventories focused on personality, interests and values. Once you pay for any test you have lifetime access.

Nevada Career Information System (CIS) (

An Internet-based delivery system for accurate, comprehensive, current, and relevant occupational, post-secondary school and financial aid information. CIS contains the latest national, Nevada and local labor market data and projections.

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