Business and Social Sciences GO Day

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Are you attending or planning to attend TMCC? Is your major in the Business and Social Sciences Division or are you interested in learning more about our major areas of study? Do you want to be successful? Do you like to have fun while you learn? Then GO Day is the day for you!

  • What: GO Day: Business and Social Sciences Mini Conference for Students
  • When: Coming back next year.
  • Where: Dandini Campus, V. James Eardley Student Services Center

GO Day is designed for students who like to get ahead of the game. Events include:

  • Meet the division faculty and industry professionals
  • Informative breakout sessions
  • Breakfast provided
  • Keynote speaker
  • Panel of local business leaders
  • Exciting raffle prizes!

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Note: You must be present to win prizes. For your first entry into the prize drawing, you must register online using the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Breakout Sessions

  • Get Help Paying for College
    Participate in this workshop to learn about scholarships and financial aid options that will help you cover the costs of your college experience. You will learn what you need to complete financial aid forms as well as how to apply for scholarships!
  • Budgeting and Planning for Your Success with FLAMES
    Whether this is your first time in college or you are returning to school after years of real life experience, this workshop will help you plan financially for success! When attending school, your finances must be in line with your goals and priorities. Come learn how to budget and plan so you can focus on your studies.
  • Internships for Real Life Career Experiences
    Did you know that you can participate in an internship even if your program does not require one? Internships provide real-life experience, help you learn about your field, and look great on your resume! Join this workshop to learn about intern possibilities and explore the eight competencies employers are seeking.
  • Overcome Test Anxiety
    Does testing cause you to feel anxious? In this session we will explore great ways to help you stay calm and focused before, during, and after your test!
  • Reduce Your Stress
    Student life can be filled with stress which makes it even harder to do well in school and life. Use the Stress Management Tool Kit provided in this class to understand stress and the role it plays in your life and discover strategies for what you can do to make it manageable.
  • 5 Steps to Successful Writing
    Discover proven methods to improve your academic and professional writing as you learn the five steps to successful writing, review a checklist of the writing process, and discuss common formatting styles that will help you take your papers to a higher level.
  • Network Like a Professional
    Many people feel awkward with small-talk and mingling yet it's crucial for business success in most industries. Discover how to chat and network with confidence and skill—even with strangers. Introduce yourself confidently, keep the conversation flowing, connect with people and exit with ease. And then stay in touch after the event and build a strong network of contacts.
  • Develop a Learning Approach for Your Success
    Would you like to be more effective at learning? Require less time to learn and achieve higher outcomes. In this session, do a quick exercise to start to discover your learning style then examine good learning habits proven to help college students succeed. Conclude by talking about ways to avoid bad habits that can be obstacles to learning.