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Business is the cornerstone of a well-working society, and those professionals who hold tangible skills in business practices are always in high demand. Studying business at TMCC can provide you with a backdrop of knowledge for business operations—everything from owning and managing a business to how to communicate within a business.

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Why Choose Business at TMCC?

Choosing to major in Business at TMCC will provide you with many advantages, including:

  • Courses can be taken face to face or online letting you choose the mode of instruction that works best for your learning style and schedule.
  • In person courses are offered at both the Dandini and Meadowood locations to provide you campus options to choose from.
  • Small class sizes ensure you get the attention and support you need to be successful in your program
  • Instructors in the Business department are experts in their fields and come to the classroom with a wealth of experience to share with you.
  • Our Business advisory board is made up of business leaders throughout our region who help guide our curriculum and planning so that what you are learning is what you will need in your career.
  • Our 2+2 agreement with UNR ensures you can transfer in with upper division status after graduating from TMCC with your associate of arts degree in Business.

What Will I Study?

At TMCC you can choose from two different Business degrees, or a certificate of achievement in Business.

The Associate of Arts (AA) Business Degree is the degree for you if you are interested in graduating from TMCC and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business at a four-year accredited institution. If you graduate with this degree from TMCC you can transfer to UNR at junior status having completed the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in business. Within the program, you will explore a wide variety of opportunities in various business fields. The solid background in economics, statistics, and accounting is designed to provide skills required to pursue advanced degrees in any business major including accounting, economics, marketing, management or general business.

If you are more interested in learning the basics of business to get into a career quickly and do not plan to transfer your degree, the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Business Degree provides you with a strong foundation of business knowledge. It is a useful two-year degree that employers see as verification of your capabilities in the business area.

The certificate of achievement shows that you have applied yourself within the business discipline and have successfully completed a series of courses which makes you more marketable and appealing to employers.

TMCC provides Business courses reflecting leading-edge practices that you will need to know to be successful in the world of business. These courses include Business English, which encompasses the written skills necessary for basic business correspondence; Business Speech Communications which enhances listening and oral skills in the workplace; Introduction to Business, a course designed to give you a broad introduction to the principles, practices and functions of business and many more.

"The business courses were offered in such a way that even a full-time employee and parent like myself could find courses that fit my schedule. I enjoyed learning real-world practical skills that are applicable to both my job and everyday life."

Sarah G., Business AA Major