Self-Supporting Budgets Instructions

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Budgets to Prepare


Any self-supporting program with annual expenditures of $25,000 or more must be budgeted, along with any program that is in a budgeted fund. Self-supporting programs support themselves through revenues (lab fees, general improvement fees, student association fees, student access fees, sales and services of educational activities, and transfers in from other accounts).

Excluded are: most grants and contracts, loans, plant and endowments, agency/scholarships, and state appropriated funds. Included are unrestricted gifts and scholarships. Summer School is reported at an earlier date.

Listing of Accounts

A list of programs that require a budget will be sent out to departments and/or program managers.

Please note:

  • If program will continue to spend over $25,000, it must be budgeted.
  • If program will no longer spend over $25,000, please provide an explanation for the decrease.
  • Review programs in your area of responsibility to determine if any new programs will exceed the $25,000 threshold and will need budgets for the first time.
  • If you have a program with only approved professional or classified positions (i.e., no LOAs, no wages, no travel, no operating), inform the Budget and Planning Office that there are no changes in employees in the account and Budget and Planning Office will prepare your budget for you, which will only include payroll.

RAP Requests

Include approved RAP requests in your budget (if approval is pending, include in budget to ensure sufficient cash available).