Contract Determination

Determine whether a new contract is needed.

If your answer is "no" to any of the following questions, please review TMCC's General Contract Information and Procedures. Contact the Budget and Planning Office for further assistance.

Is there already a contract in place that can be used? If "yes": Utilize the existing contract.
How to determine if a contract is already in place:
  1. Contact BCN Purchasing
    • If there is already a contract in place, they will instruct you regarding any additional paperwork that will be needed to make a purchase.
  2. Check the State of Nevada Purchasing Division
    • To make a purchase using a Nevada Purchasing Division contract, simply print out the contract, write the contract number on the purchase document and submit it to Accounts Payable.
    • If the vendor requires you to sign any other documents, please check with the Budget and Planning Office first.
  3. If the services are computer-related, check with System Computing Services.
    • If they already have a contract in place, they will instruct you regarding any additional paperwork that will be needed to make a purchase.
  4. For artwork loan agreements, clinical contracts, guest speaker/performer agreements, internship contracts, facility use contracts, and memoranda of understanding, check the department’s records.
    • If none are on file, check with the Budget and Planning Office and Vice President of Academic Affairs Office.
Does the contract involve the purchase of goods under $50,000, with delivery handled by common carrier? If "yes": Follow the TMCC Purchasing Procedures.
Is this an employment contract? If "yes": It will not be handled by the Budget and Planning Office.

You will need to work with TMCC Human Resources to complete an employment contract.

If an individual has been an employee (within the current calendar year) of any NSHE institution, the individual must be hired as an employee instead of an independent contractor.
Is this work done by a volunteer (work performed without pay)? If "yes": Follow the volunteer procedures and use the appropriate volunteer forms.
Is the contract being paid from the TMCC Foundation’s own bank account (generally recorded and tracked in the following unique organization codes starting with IA, IB, or IE)? If "yes": The TMCC Foundation will process the contract utilizing their internal operating procedures.
Is the contract for a software purchase under $50,000? If "yes": Use the TMCC Purchasing Procedures.
Will multiple NSHE institutions be making purchases with this vendor or purchases for similar services? If "yes": Explore negotiating a contract as a group and utilizing the contracting/purchasing services of a larger entity (such as BCN Purchasing or System Computing Services), as applicable.