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Contract Procedures for Capital Construction Projects

See Also: Contract Forms


Contracts for any new construction, repair, improvement, or reconstruction on land, appurtenances and buildings of Truckee Meadows Community College which are intended for long-term, continued use or which extend the useful life of a capital asset, are considered contracts for capital construction projects. Professional services contracts needed for capital construction projects are processed using capital projects contract procedures, as well.

Approvals and Signatures

In addition to following the usual capital construction purchasing procedures, the following approvals and signatures are needed. For multi-year contracts, the cut off amounts would apply to the total amount over the full duration of the contract.

  • Contracts with total purchases $1 to $2,000 must be signed by the TMCC director of facilities or his/her designee.
  • Contracts with total purchases $2,001 to $100,000 must be signed by TMCC Facilities Director and must be signed by the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.
  • Contracts with a purchase price over $100,000 are typically handled by BCN Purchasing and require a bidding process. Business Center North (BCN) Purchasing has signature authority for TMCC to sign these contracts. Unless specifically requested by BCN Purchasing, the president's signature is not required on these contracts. However, the department should forward a copy of the completed contract to the Budget and Planning Office for TMCC's contract files.


To provide TMCC protection from liability, evidence of insurance is required for many contracts. The NSHE Risk Management office coordinates the NSHE insurance program. A reference guide for contractor insurance requirements is available from BCN Risk Management. Any questions regarding insurance requirements for contracts should be directed to the Budget and Planning Office.

TMCC must obtain insurance documents and keep them on file if the contract meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The contract requires insurance but does not involve an expenditure of TMCC funds, or
  2. The contract purchase amount is under $2,000, or
  3. The other contracting party lists a social security number on the W-9 form.

BCN Purchasing collects insurance for contracts that do not meet this criteria.


Submit contract documents to the TMCC Budget and Planning Office. Please allow 30 days for processing before the contract needs to be in effect.

Purchase Documents

If the contract requires a purchase, please provide the following:

  • A completed departmental purchase order or requisition;
  • A completed IRS W-9 (if needed);
  • A completed Vendor Application form (if needed);
  • The contract information.

Submit to the TMCC Budget and Planning Office. Only fully completed forms are sent to the Accounting Services/Cashier's Office for payment.

Departmental Copies of Contracts

When a contract is finalized, the Budget and Planning Office will email scans of the contract and related paperwork to the department. Records of contracts with a purchase between $1 and $2,001, are kept on file at the Accounting Services/Cashier's Office and copies are available upon request.