Community Health Science

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Community Health Science (CHS) is a field of public health that is concerned with protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and research for disease and injury prevention.

The field of Community Health Science is broad, and a degree will afford you opportunities in personal health and wellness, mental health, social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, health care administration, exercise physiology, or environmental health among many others. Many students obtain a degree in Community Health Science before applying to allied health programs such as nursing, medical, physical therapy or dental school.

CHS Degree and Health Science Certificate

TMCC offers an Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Community Health Science with three different track options (kinesiology, pre-nursing, and public health). This degree is designed to matriculate into the Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health Science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Each track has different emphases to prepare students going into different health-related fields.

  • The Kinesiology track offers coursework that prepares students going into the coaching or personal training field, as well as preparing students applying to professional schools such as Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant programs.
  • The Pre-Nursing track offers coursework that prepares students applying to the TMCC Nursing program.
  • The Public Health track offers course work that prepares students interested in pursuing jobs related to community health or applying to Masters of Public Health (MPH) programs.

The Health Science Certificate prepares students for entry-level employment in allied health and fulfills many prerequisite requirements for accredited health sciences training programs. Most students pursuing the CHS AS degree can earn this certificate. Students completing this certificate may gain an advantage in the competitive selection process of health sciences programs.

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