Xerox Services

The TMCC Xerox copier program offers a variety of printing-related services for faculty, staff and students.

Services for Students

Xerox Locations

There is one Xerox copier machine available for use by students, located at the Dandini Campus in the Sierra Building, Elizabeth Sturm Library.


  • Have your documents ready for copying prior to inserting bills or coins.
  • Make selections on the screen to set up your document preferences-such as, hole punch or staple options at this time.
  • After jobs are completed, collect your change by holding down the Coin Return button until bills or coins are visible in the return.


Services include copying and printing in black and white or color. You can print directly from your flash drive using the USB port. Documents must be in PDF format, or picture file formats (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.).

Hole-punch and stapling capabilities are included.


Payment options include cash/coins.

  • Black and white impressions: $0.10 each, $0.20 for double-sided
  • Color impressions: $0.20 each, $0.40 for double-sided

Please contact Auxiliary Services with any questions.


If you are experiencing a problem with a Xerox machine, please contact the Key Operator for the area. A Key Operator list is posted at each machine. If you cannot locate a Key Operator, call 775-674-7561 for assistance.