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Mail Services

Auxiliary Services receives, processes and delivers all College mail daily on the Dandini campus through Mail Services in RDMT 228. For assistance with TMCC mail or receiving, please contact us.

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

Mail Pick-up and Delivery

Freight, mail, and package deliveries are received and distributed through the TMCC Auxiliary Services mailroom (RDMT 228). Mail and small parcels are delivered once daily to each of the designated delivery locations on the Dandini campus (see Off-Site Locations Delivery Schedule).

All mail picked up from any TMCC location on one day will be delivered within the next scheduled delivery.

If mail is undeliverable, Mail Services will return it to the sender with the next scheduled mail delivery.

Dandini Campus Mail Pick-up

  • Dandini Campus department mail is picked up at 1 p.m. Note: internal mail picked up from one run will be delivered during the next run.
  • Mail that is pre-paid can be left for pick-up with the department’s mail. Please keep separate and do not band with other types of mail.
  • For mail that needs to be delivered to the USPS after the mail carrier has left campus, Mail Services will meter the mail for the responsible person to deliver to the USPS.

Dandini Campus Mail Drop Box

  • A grey mail drop box is located in the hallway outside of the TMCC Mailroom, RDMT 228.
  • Stamped personal mail may be placed in the drop box (see also: Personal Mail).
  • Inter-office mail placed in the drop box prior to 9 a.m. will have same-day delivery. Outgoing mail placed in the drop box prior to 1:15 p.m. will have same-day delivery to the U.S. Post Office.

Off-Site Pick-up and Delivery

  • Mail Services provides delivery and pick-up to off-site TMCC locations between 10 a.m.-Noon. There is one daily mail delivery for off-site TMCC locations (see Off-Site Locations Delivery Schedule).
  • Mail must be in the TMCC Dandini Campus mailroom no later than 10 a.m. for same-day delivery to off-site TMCC locations.

UNR Copy Center/Nevada Ink

Mail Services provides a once-daily pick-up and delivery of completed orders, when notified by UNR Copy Center/Nevada Ink.

Off-Site Locations Delivery Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
BCN Human Resources   X   X  
BCN Purchasing   X   X  
Chancellor System Office   X   X  
Facilities Services X X X X  
Health Science Center   X X X  
Applied Tech Center X X   X  
Meadowood Center X X   X  
Performing Arts Center       X  
Ross Hall Payroll   X   X  
UNR Mailroom   X   X  

Mail Processing

  • Bulk Mail: Mail Services provides departmental bulk mail processing through USPS. Please contact us for additional information.
  • Certified Mail Return/Receipt: Certified mail provides a record of mail delivery. Sender should complete all required return cards prior to depositing into outgoing departmental mailbags. The receiver of mail signs a receipt card, which is returned to the sender. Certified mail can only be used with priority and first class mail and should be used for items which have no dollar value since there is no insurance feature.
  • Departmental Billing: Departmental mail requiring postage must include the department mail code. All departmental mail-processing expenses are charged back to departmental account codes. A monthly transfer of funds will be made to Auxiliary Services. For departmental mail billing questions, please contact us.
  • Express/Overnight Mail: TMCC Mail Services utilizes UPS and USPS for all next day delivery needs.
  • International Mail: Separate international mail from domestic and affix a note stating "international mail" prior to placing in mailbag.
  • Inter-office Mail must be inserted into inter-departmental envelopes addressed using full name, department name and designated delivery location. If standard white envelopes are used to send inter-office, place the envelope in an inter-departmental envelope so it is not confused with mail destined for the post office. Mail Services has extra inter-departmental envelopes available upon request.
  • Manila Envelopes must be sealed and any metal clasp should be covered with tape.
  • Packages should be addressed, taped, and placed under the departmental mailbag for pick-up. For larger outgoing packages, contact Mail Services for pick- up arrangements.

Personal Mail

  • Incoming: Personal mail and packages are not to be received at TMCC, as stated in the State Administrative Manual Section 1206.0.
  • Outgoing:
    • Faculty and staff may put stamped, non-TMCC letters in their TMCC department mailbag and Mail Services will include them with the daily outgoing USPS pick-up. TMCC Mail Services reserves the right to inspect all mail pieces.
    • Stamped personal mail may also be placed in the TMCC Dandini Campus mail drop box.
    • Personal mail and packages can be processed by Mail Services to determine postage charges.
      • Bring letters or packages to Mail Services; we will accept a check made out to the "Board of Regents".
      • Cash payments must be made at Accounting Services (Mail Services does not accept cash). Accounting Services will provide a receipt to bring back to Mail Services.


  • Incoming mail and packages must be addressed to an individual or department’s attention. Improperly addressed mail will be opened by Mail Services staff to determine proper delivery location.
  • Central receiving and shipping are operated through the TMCC loading dock, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Please note that all furniture orders must be pre-approved through Facilities Operations and Capital Planning.


If a department wishes to return a package or shipment to the vendor, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Notify the company that merchandise is to be returned.

  • Make arrangements for the article to be picked up from the loading dock area (by RDMT 228).

Step 2: Prior to the arranged pick-up date, bring returned item to TMCC Mail Services.

  • If you are expecting the company or vendor to pay return postage, you must ask that they request a call tag from UPS.
  • UPS will not accept a parcel without an order from the designated company.
  • The item must be packaged for return shipment and possess a return label, and should include the following: company name, street address, city, state, zip code and name of the individual (if necessary) to whom it should be directly shipped.
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers should be clearly displayed and written on the outside of the box/carton.