TMCC Alumni Association Bylaws

TMCC Alumni Image


Continuing the TMCC relationship through mentoring, social activities, and community involvement.

Article I: Name

This organization shall be known as the TMCC Alumni Association, a program administered by the TMCC Foundation.

Article II: Purpose

  • Section 1. To serve as the advisory liaison organization to Truckee Meadows Community College representing the TMCC alumni.
  • Section 2. To generate moral and financial support for TMCC from alumni and other appropriate constituent groups.
  • Section 3. To aid in keeping the alumni in contact with TMCC through the use of activities, events, programs and publications.
  • Section 4. To coordinate and implement appropriate professional, vocational, personal, cultural, and educational services for alumni.
  • Section 5. To encourage students to pursue educational goals at TMCC.