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Interstate Passport

If you’re thinking of transferring to an out-of-state college or university after TMCC, then you will want to know about the Interstate Passport ® at TMCC! This program enables you to transfer your general education classes to another participating institution, saving you money and the unnecessary stress of having to repeat general education requirements at another institution. 

Read the following FAQs to determine if the Interstate Passport program is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Completing a Passport at TMCC means that you have met the lower-division general education requirements at TMCC and all Interstate Passport Network institutions.  With an ever-growing network of over 60 members across 18 states, the Passport makes transferring to another school easier than ever.  A Passport from TMCC ensures a greater likelihood of successfully transferring to another school without losing credit for any of the classes you have completed.

While the Passport is based on nine general education learning outcomes, there are some differences between TMCC’s general education for our associate degrees and the Passport.  Students can complete TMCC general education requirements but be missing courses needed to earn a Passport.  We highly recommend students meet with an Academic Advisor each semester, especially if they are interested in earning the Passport.

Yes and no.  An Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree offers guaranteed transfer to a Nevada System of Higher Education college or university and automatic fulfillment of lower-division general education requirements unless specific general education courses are required for completion of the student’s major program.  While our classes and degrees are widely accepted at schools across the country, an AA or AS does not guarantee that you have met the general education requirements at that school.  Rather than having to transfer your TMCC courses individually, you will transfer a completed general education block.  

To earn a Passport, students must complete approved courses with a grade of C or higher. While a grade of C- or lower may satisfy the general education requirement for a TMCC degree or certificate, it will not work toward the Passport. S grades will not count toward earning the Passport either.

Once you have earned your Passport from a network member institution, it will be marked on your transcript. Send your official college transcript and submit the online Credit Evaluation for Transfer Students Form.  When the evaluation is completed you will receive a “block transfer” showing that you have completed all general education requirements unless specific general education courses are required for completion of the student’s declared field of study. Please make an appointment with TMCC’s Academic Advisement Office for more information about your specific situation.

Each semester, the Admissions and Records Office will check your coursework to see which Passport requirements you have met. Once you have completed all the requirements, the Passport designation will be added to your transcript. You do not need to apply to start or finish the program. If you are interested in earning a Passport, we recommend you meet with an Academic Advisor.