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me3® is an interactive quiz in which you can easily explore your interests and match them to degrees at TMCC and career options.  It’s easy to play!  The me3® quiz will guide you through a series of visual choices with basic text descriptions and you’ll choose between two options, each of which represents varying levels of interest in people, objects, data, and ideas.  When you are finished, you will be given a list of careers that match your interests.  Rank the career options to reveal potential majors and degrees that will help you achieve your goals.  Then meet with an academic advisor to develop an educational plan or a counselor to dive deeper into career exploration.  

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How Does me3® Work?  

me3® calculates your RIASEC scores based on the choices you make while taking the quiz.  Backed by nearly 60 years of research, the RIASEC model has been used extensively in major and career exploration. RIASEC stands for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional, which are six occupational types.  Every career out there is some combination of these occupational types.  Tools like me3 can help you connect with majors and careers that match your interests, which leads to greater career satisfaction in the long run.

me3 is powered by Arizona State University and funded by the Roger’s Foundation.