15 to Finish

All students have different plans regarding the length of time it will take to complete a degree.  If your goal is to graduate in 2 years, following the 15 to Finish initiative may be an excellent option for you.  The 15 to Finish initiative encourages students to take 15 credits each semester or complete 30 credits in an academic year.  30 credits per year can also be accomplished by taking advantage of summer and winter session. 

For example, a student could take 12 credits in the fall semester, 12 credits in the spring semester, and 6 credits in the summer.  Taking classes during summer and winter sessions is also a great way to get on track with a degree if you started in developmental math and English courses.

Research shows that if you take 15 credits each semester or complete 30 credits each academic year, you will be more likely to:

  • Progress from freshman to sophomore status after your first year
  • Graduate
  • Pay less in tuition and living expenses
  • Gain additional years of earnings

When choosing your classes each semester, assess your obligations and choose a schedule (part-time or full-time) that works best for you.  If you already plan on enrolling in 12 credits, taking one additional course or completing courses during our winter and summer sessions can put you on the right path towards graduation.