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ABE Policies and Procedures

To provide quality education, students must adhere to TMCC's Adult Basic Education policies, which are required Nevada state law and/or federal mandates. Prior to enrolling in our program, please read these policies and ensure that you can adhere to them.

Program Eligibility Requirement

Nevada Adult Basic Education Administrator’s Handbook (2013)

The Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) is the federal government’s primary mechanism for helping states and localities address the problem of adult illiteracy. In general, programs funded through AEFLA target adults who:

  • Lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills to enable them to function effectively on the job, in the family and in society; or
  • Do not have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent level of education; or
  • Are unable to speak, read, or write the English language.

Students must be at least 16 years of age and not enrolled or required to be enrolled in a secondary school to be served through AEFLA funds in Nevada.

All persons under the age of 18 must provide documentation showing they have been excused from compulsory school attendance before they can be enrolled. (Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 392, Pupils)

Programs must retain copies of documentation in student files.

Washoe County School District's Process for Withdrawal

If you are currently enrolled in the Washoe County School District, you must:

  1. Obtain approval from your parent/guardian, counselor and principal by completing the WCSD Application 16- and 17-year-old HSE Approval form. All forms are provided by Rise Academy.
  2. You must take an HSE practice test and receive satisfactory scores. Tests can be taken at Washoe County School District's Rise Academy or online.
  3. You must take the above-named application and transcripts to the area superintendent's office for approval.
  4. Obtain the Official Withdrawal Letter from the superintendent’s office.
  5. Bring the original letter to TMCC's ABE prior to orientation.

If you are not enrolled in Washoe County School District, you must:

  1. Meet with the counselor/principal of Rise Academy. Further instructions will be provided at that time.

Testing Requirements

Nevada Adult Basic Education Administrator's Handbook (2013)

To measure educational gain, AEFLA-funded programs are required to assess learners in accordance with the Nevada Assessment Policy document. The assessment policy identifies which tests to use for both ABE/ASE and ELL/ESL students, when pre- and post-tests are to be administered, and how scores are to be tied to the NRS educational functioning levels for initial placement and for reporting student advancement across levels.

ELL/ESL students are tested with the Complete Language Assessment—English (Clas-E), in accordance with state policy, where they will be tested on reading, writing and listening. Students must be pre-tested prior to obtaining 12 hours of instruction and post-tested after 50 hours of instruction. For returning students, their post-test from each session is rolled over to become their pre-test for the new session.

HSE students are tested with the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) in Math and English, in accordance with state policy. Students must be pre-tested prior to obtaining 12 hours of instruction and post-tested after 60 hours of instruction. For returning students, their post-test from each session is rolled over to become their pre-test for the new session.

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend all classes for the full length of the class period. In order for effective learning to take place we have designed our class schedule to be very intensive. It is a commitment that students must be able to make if they are serious about their education. Missing even one class will be a disadvantage to the student’s learning. If a student is absent for two class periods a courtesy call will be made to the student.

Students who fall below 85% attendance in any one class will be asked to make an appointment with the program coordinator and may risk further eligibility for program services.

Students who have been exited from the program will be allowed to come back to a future session once they have worked out the problems preventing good attendance.

All students must sign a contract stating that they understand the requirements and agree to abide by our attendance policy. The full policy is provided to you when you are asked to sign your attendance contract. The policy details exceptions that will be made upon approval of the program coordinator, manager or director.

Once out of compliance with the policy, or with 15% or more absences in any of your classes, students must make an appointment to speak with the program coordinator.

Aztec/Burlington Usage Requirement

If you are given access to one of our online programs, you must sign a contract agreeing to log-in within 48 hours of your account set-up, complete the Aztec or Burlington orientation, and access and work on Aztec or Burlington for a minimum of eight to ten hours per week, depending on the program. Failure to comply will result in your access being revoked.

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