Academic Support Center Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the Academic Support Center's most commonly asked questions.

FAQ Questions



Business cards are ordered online through Consolidated Document Management Services (CDMS). The TMCC business card template has been designed and approved by the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office.

To order TMCC-approved business cards from CDMS:

  • Username: TMCCPartTime
  • Password: PTFAC2018
  • Log in and follow directions to submit order for verification and approval by the Academic Support Center.
  • Part-time faculty are responsible for payment of business card orders.
  • See Print Services for further information. Contact Marketing and Communications with questions.

Please visit the Fitness Center's Web page for complete information.

For card reader and network credential access please see Xerox Copier Program/Services for Faculty and Staff.

Part-time Faculty: please contact the Academic Support Center for more information.

To receive new service, contact IT Customer Service.

In your request, please provide the following details:

  • Customer Name and Department
  • Building and Room
  • When needed
  • If voicemail will be desired

Currently, only full-time faculty and staff are listed in TMCC's online Directory. Please check your course syllabus; your instructor should have their preferred mode(s) of communication located at the top.

Also, visit to see if your instructor has a linked faculty website.

Most email addresses at TMCC consist of the person’s first initial followed by their last name at (e.g., if your instructor's name is John Smith, the email address will most likely be ""). However, this may not always be the case, since some instructors may share a first initial and last name.

This is why we suggest contacting the department. To find the department's contact information:

If you are unsure which Division your instructor works in, please feel free to contact the Academic Support Center.

Employees may obtain an employee ID card at the Welcome Center. Please bring a valid government-issued photo ID. Hours of operation are listed on the Welcome Center's website.

  • Threat of Imminent Injury: Call 911. If possible, evacuate the area.
  • Incident where a mild threat of violence occurs: Report the incident immediately to the TMCC Police Department at 775-674-7900.

Please see TMCC Human Resources Payroll Policies and Procedures.

Contact TMCC's Professional Development Office.

In keeping with the TMCC mission statement, the Professional Development Office provides access for lifelong learning opportunities through a variety of programs that are open to all members of the TMCC community.