Weather Delay: Web classes and remote services will continue as scheduled. However, TMCC physical locations including the Child Care Center will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 30. Students and staff, see email for more information.


Bilingual Staff at TMCC

If you need assistance in a language other than English, please contact one of our staff.

Language Contact Person Telephone Location
Cantonese John Kemp 673-7035 SIER 203C
French Tom Cardoza 673-7160 RDMT 334K
German Thomas Dobbert 673-7069 RDMT 205C
Italian Jennifer Zarco 673-8215 RDMT 315B
Japanese Izumi Shibasaki 673-8232 Library
Macedonian Elena Atanasiu 673-4851 SIER 200B
Mandarin Jane Zhang 673-7039 SIER LIB 111B
Polish Elena Atanasiu 673-4851 SIER 200B
Portuguese Beth Loureiro 674-7635 RDMT 114
Portuguese Paula (Frioli) Peters 673-7185 SIER 202
Russian Elena Bubnova 673-8240 RDMT 200D
Spanish Elena Atanasiu 673-4851 SIER 200B
Spanish Robert Balderrama 673-7111 N/A
Spanish Steven Bale 674-7587 SIER 200D
Spanish Yuli Chavez Camarena 673-7154 RDMT 315U
Spanish Cheli Cuevas 824-3929 MDWS 216
Spanish Nayesdi Badillo Delgado 856-5689 EDSN 201B
Spanish Amber Burroughs 857-4963 EDSN 201A
Spanish Nancy Faires 673-8257 RDMT 334Q
Spanish Estela Gutierrez 673-7094 RDMT 325
Spanish Mari Jimenez-Ortiz 337-5601 RDMT 315B
Spanish Miguel Martinez 673-8286 RDMT 315Q
Spanish Jennifer Zarco 673-8215 RDMT 315B
Yoruba Ayodele Akinola 674-7617 FS 101