Radiologic Technology

Program Checklist

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Complete the following prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of "C" and within the required time limit.

      RAD 101 (Exploration in Radiology)
      NURS 130 (Nursing Assistant)
      CLS 151/152 (Phlebotomy & Applied Phlebotomy)
      BIOL 141 & 142 or BIOL 223 & 224
      ENG 101 (Composition I)
or see General Education requirements for AAS degree in the TMCC College Catalog
      MATH 120 (Fundamentals of College Mathematics) or higher

Additional Requirements

      Have a 2.7 GPA in Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology coursework
      Have transcripts from other colleges and universities sent to the TMCC Admissions and Records Office or to Radiologic Technology
      Additional required documents needed for Radiologic Technology Program application (transcripts, proof of HS Graduation or GED/HSE, health occupation certifications, etc.)
Note: Copies must be provided by applicant; Radiologic Tech Program will not make copies for you.

The following courses are General Education degree requirements for AAS Degree.

It is strongly recommended that these courses be completed prior to entrance into the Radiologic Technology Program. They are part of the admission point system for selection to the program. If you will be seeking financial aid while in the program, please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact of this recommendation on your status and qualifications.

      IS 101 (Introduction to Information Systems)
      U.S. & Nevada Constitution (3 credits)
      Diversity/Social Science/Humanities (3 credits)
      Human Relations (3 credits)
      English/Communications (3 credits)
Note: cannot be ENG 101 which is a prerequisite

The following courses are used for the admission point system for selection into the Radiologic Technology Program but do not count toward the AAS degree (5 points maximum in the support area).

      MATH 126 (Pre-Calculus I or higher)
      CHEM (100 level transferable or higher)
      BIOL 190 (Intro to Cellular and Molecular Biology)
      BIOL 223/224 (Anatomy and Physiology I and II)

Final Steps

      Complete and submit the Radiologic Technology Program Application by the posted deadline (March 1)
      Take the HESI examination. You will obtain your HESI testing ticket when you turn in your application. HESI exams are open March through Mid-June. Selection will be made after the HESI exam date in June.
      To complete your application, you must submit a copy of your HESI results to the Radiologic Technology Program office (RDMT 324) by the posted deadline (June 15).