Radiologic Technology

Admission Criteria Point System

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Previous Education (Maximum 2 points)

  • Associate degree or higher (1 point)
  • TMCC Health Science Certificate of Achievement (1 point)

Credentialed Health Occupation (Maximum 3 points)

  • Non-ARRT Radiologic Tech. or Limited Scope Radiologic Tech (1 point maximum)
  • Any other Credentialed Health Occupation (1 point maximum for any credential listed below)
  • Minimum 1 year experience in credentialed area in past 3 years; documentation from employer required (1 point maximum)

A copy of the current credentials must be supplied (credential must be awarded by March 1).

Acceptable Health Occupation with Direct Patient Care
CNA Medical Assistant Physical Therapy Assistant
Dietitian Medical Technologist Respiratory Therapist
Dental Assistant Non-ARRT Technologist Tech Registered Nurse or LPN
Dental Hygienist Occupational Therapist Surgical Technologist
ECG Technician Optician  EMT
EMT Paramedic Paramedic  
Laboratory Phlebotomist  
If your credentialed occupation is not listed above, prior approval is required from the Program Coordinator

AAS General Education and Degree Requirement (Maximum 5 points)

  • IS 101 Introduction to Information Systems
  • U.S. & Nevada Constitutions
  • English 102 or higher/Communications
  • Diversity/Social Science/Humanities
  • Human Relations

HESI Score (Maximum 10 points)

The Health Education System, Inc. (HESI) test can only be taken once per year. Percent score on English, Math, Science, and Critical Thinking will be averaged and divided by 10, rounded to 1 decimal point.

Prerequisites (Maximum 16 points)

Maximum of 2 attempts per course in a 5 year period (including "W").
("A" = 2 points; "B" = 1 point; "C" = 0 points)

  • BIOL 141 or 223
  • BIOL 142 or 224
  • ENG 101
  • CLS 151
  • CLS 152
  • MATH 120 or higher
  • NURS 130
  • RAD 101

Support Area (Maximum 5 points)

Must earn a "C" or better for points

  • MATH 126 (EMT Paramedic-Calculus I or higher)
  • CHEM (100 level transferable or higher)
  • BIOL 190 (Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL 223 (Anatomy and Physiology I)
  • BIOL 224 (Anatomy and Physiology II)