TMCC/GBC Course Sharing Agreement

Truckee Meadows Community College/Great Basin College Online Course Sharing Agreement

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and Great Basin College (GBC) have agreed to collaborate with online class sharing to increase access, student choice and course availability for students in Northern Nevada. This collaboration began with the fall 2012 term.

Online courses have been identified by each institution to complement the course offerings of the other. Courses with seats available are identified in the schedule below.

Please note that GBC classes begin and end on a different academic calendar. For more information please contact GBC at 775-753-2266.

Updated as of: January 2013
Class Name
ART 100 1001 Visual Foundations
CIT 152 1001 Web Script Language Prog
CIT 201 1001 Word Certification Prep
CIT 203 1001 Excel Certification Prep
CIT 213 1001 Microsoft Networking III
CIT 214 1001 Microsoft Networking IV
CIT 215 1001 Microsoft Networking V
CRJ 155 1001 Juvenile Justice System
CRJ 270 1001 Intro to Criminology
ECE 121 1001 Parent Caregiver Reltnshp
ECE 123 1001 Hlth & Nutrition/Children
ECE 126 1001 Social/Emotional Development
ECE 127 1001 Role of Play Infnt/Toddlr
ECE 130 1001 Infancy
ECE 190 1001 Professlism/Early Care
ECE 204 1001 Principles Child Guidance
ECE 252 1001 Infant/Toddler Curriculum
ENG 108 1002 Tech Communications II
GRC 119 1001 Comp Graphics/Digital Media
GRC 188 1001 Web Animate/Interactivity I
GRC 256 1001 Computer Illustration II
MATH 128 1002 Precalculus and Trigonometry
MATH 181 1001 Calculus I
MATH 283 1001 Calculus II
MGT 201 1001 Intro Human Resource Mgt
MUS 101 1001 Music Fundamentals
PHIL 207 1001 Intro Socl/Political Phil
PHYS 152 1001 Gen Physics II
PHYS 152 1002 Gen Physics II - Lab
PHYS 181 1001 Physics Scientist/Engr II
PHYS 181 1002 Physics Scientist/Engr II - Lab
PSC 210 1002 American Public Policy
PSC 210 1004 American Public Policy
PSY 233 1001 Child Psychology
PSY 241 1001 Intro to Abnormal Psychology
SOC 276 1001 Aging/Modern Amer Society
SW 101 1002 Introduction to Social Work

Steps to Enroll for a GBC Online Class

  1. Apply for admission at GBC.
    GBC normally completes this process within one day of submission. When you visit their admissions webpage, you will be given a unique student ID number, unique username/password, and registration access information. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, contact the TMCC Financial Aid office.
  2. Register for your course(s) at GBC.
    Use the information provided by GBC after you complete Step 1, above.
  3. Identify your textbook needs.
    If any textbooks are needed, visit the GBC virtual bookstore. You can also request assistance from the TMCC Bookstore or call them at 775-673-7172.
  4. Take your class(es)!
    Attend your classes.
  5. Transfer credits.
    Transfer the credits you earned back to TMCC.

If at any point, you have any questions, please contact TMCC WebCollege.

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