Web Services

Policy for PDF Documents and Forms

All TMCC PDF documents and/or forms will adhere to TMCC's online standards for quality and branding and be kept current by the designated department/Web content provider. These documents will meet Web accessible standards as stated under the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


In addition to HTML pages, many departments may publish PDF files to the TMCC website which fall into one of two categories: A PDF form or a PDF document. (Web Services can assist departments in determining the best format.)

  • A TMCC PDF Form is defined as being any PDF file that requires user input, or form fields, such as user input fields, even a signature line.
  • A TMCC PDF Document is a document that requires NO user input whatsoever, such as a handbook, minutes, agendas, etc.

Should HTML not be an option, PDF is the preferred final file format to post materials. In most cases, PDF files begin as Word documents that are then saved and optimized as PDF files.

To adhere to a standard look and feel, much like TMCC's HTML web pages, TMCC PDF documents and forms follow a specific college approved look and feel. Document and form templates are available for download online and provide a user-friendly solution and a stable foundation for quick placing on departmental websites. All document and form templates have been developed by Web Services, in conjunction with the Public Information Office, and should be used by TMCC departments, offices and or student clubs/organizations when created content that will be posted as a PDF document or form.

Procedure to publish and maintain TMCC PDF Documents and Forms

If a department lacks the immediate skillset to create their initial TMCC branded PDF document or form, Web Services will assist them, often by rebranding their documents and sending them the master files for future revisions. It is the department's responsibility to store these master files.

Note: It is highly recommended that these files be saved on a backed up network drive not on an individual workstation.

Once a PDF document or form has been rebranded using the TMCC template, the department must use the rebranded version to make updates to for future revisions.

Web Services will provide ongoing training to departments to learn the style guide and work with the templates, however, it is the department's responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the files and continued use of the college approved template and styles once it has been rebranded.

Not following the college approved style guide, or reverting back to an older, un-styled PDF document or form after one has been rebranded may cause a delay in publishing to the website.

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