Web Services

How do I create a website for my department, program or student club?

Web Services will work with the designated Web Content Contributor for your area to create a new TMCC website or additional Web pages. Please read through the TMCC Web Publishing Procedures for a complete description of the process. If you still have questions, please contact us.

How is a new Web project request initiated?

To initiate a Web project request, please complete the online form by the same name. What to expect after a Web project request has been submitted is outlined on the confirmation page received after submitting the form.

How do I include my department website in the site-wide search?

Every administrative Web page residing on the TMCC Web server ( is automatically indexed in the search engine.

Because faculty Web pages are located on the classes Web server or on Google Sites, you will need to fill out the Link My Web Page to have your URL linked from the Faculty Web Page Directory.

How do I transfer and/or share ownership of my department or program's website?

If you are a Web Content Contributor for your departmental website (whether it is for administrative, student club/organization or program purposes), please contact Web Services with the following information:

  1. What TMCC website is to be transferred and what Web content responsibilities.
  2. The name of the individual who will assume new Web content responsibilities will be affected.
  3. The name of your area's dean, director or chair.
  4. The date of when the transfer of responsibilities should be in effect.

May I put a hit counter on my department's Web page?

TMCC does not place hit counters on its Web pages.

Web Services does make Google Analytics traffic information reports available to department heads and designated web content providers. Please contact us for more information.

What is my URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or link?

For TMCC's Web pages, the name of the subfolder on the Web server is part of the URL to your pages. For example, if the Math department Web pages are in a sub-folder called "math" on the server, the URL to the page would be /math/. So the full URI would be:

For faculty Web pages created via Google Sites, the URI convention is typically: (assuming this is for John Smith)

For faculty Web pages on the classes Web server, the URI would be: Always make sure your faculty home page is named "index.html".

What is the difference between a PDF document and PDF form?

  • PDF Document: A file that does not require data input or a signature by a person. Often, "documents" are considered informative files.
  • PDF Form: A file that does require data input or a signature by a person.

Note: The definitions for a document and form are used as references for grouping such content on the TMCC website ( For example, all departmental website documents and forms pages use this definition to separate or filter the two different files for easy of access by Web visitors. Example: See the College's main, documents and forms database.

Where do I go to find a specific TMCC Web page?

Who should I contact if I find a broken link?

You should first try to contact the department that maintains the page that contains the broken link. If that information is unknown or not obvious, please contact Web Services.