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TMCC Website Redesign

After months of research, analysis, review and user feedback, Web Services completed the redesign work on the new TMCC website for that went live on September 20, 2013.

The update is considered a site "refresh" or "facelift" rather than a complete overhaul; though the underlying code has been redone entirely. The new site design was created to work within the framework of a new enterprise Content Management System (CMS) that was also implemented and released simultaneously.

The updated TMCC website has similar features and familiar branding, but is more current with today's rapidly changing standards for design, while maintaining all of its usability and accessibility features. 

Some of the new features include:

  • New 970 Pixel Fixed-width Design for a larger/wider homepage layout and design using a custom CSS grid for more flexibility, better scalability and easier future site enhancements.
  • Restyled, Clean Look and Feel with similar but updated TMCC branding and color scheme.
  • Expandable Accordion-style Vertical Menus for department navigation (that degrade gracefully).
  • Enhanced Site-wide "Mega Menus" for more streamlined global navigation.
  • Carousel-style Rotating Images and headlines for homepage.
  • "Sticky Footers" for better navigation and layout on all resolutions (no bottom blank space).
  • Current/modern Coding Techniques with heavy usage of CSS 3.0 with some HTML 5 elements (site will be fully HTML 5 ready as that technology progresses).
  • Better tie-ins with Social Media and cloud-based sharing sites, as well as Google Translate for Spanish speaking audiences.
  • Better Framework for Mobile device access for future mobile page design templates/system.
  • 100% Valid Standards-based Code, meeting section 508 accessibility guidelines, etc. and more!
  • Improved and cleaned up content, which will be an ongoing project during the next year.
  • New campus photographs.

Web Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to refreshing the look and feel of TMCC's website, Web Services migrated the entire TMCC website over to a user-friendly enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS).

The benefits gained from a CMS are plentiful, allowing Web Services (with limited staffing) to take TMCC's website to the next level, keeping up with modern trends, technological advances and continuing its tremendous growth and expansion. It will also give departments direct access to parts of the website to be more engaged and active with updating content and keeping the site more timely.

Key features of the CMS include:

  • Feature Rich Web Content Management Authoring by end-users and advanced users using in-context or form based editing.
  • Navigation and Information Architecture for automated management and link quality control.
  • Styles and Templates ensure consistent content, standards compliant, accessible design and presentation.
  • Media Library for storage and categorization of images, video, documents and sound files for reuse.
  • User Rights and Roles for fine grain control over user rights and roles with enterprise LDAP and active directory integration.
  • Workflow processes to ensure that quality control mechanisms are maintained.
  • Version Control, Auditing and Rollback for greater management of content changes.
  • Multiple Sites or Channels facilitate the publishing of content to different devices and sites.
  • Open, Versatile and Adaptable to all technical and business environments with its highly open web content management system architecture.
  • Web Accessibility and web standards compliance.

Tell us what you think about the TMCC website and send some feedback!

Information in Alternative Formats

PDF Files

Some information on the college's website is provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires the free Adobe Reader ® to view. Information delivered in PDF is typically followed by this icon PDF adjacent to the hyperlink linking text to a PDF file in reference.

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TMCC's website is optimized for 1024 x 768 (or higher) screen resolution.

External/3rd-Party Links Disclaimer

Any links to external websites and/or non-TMCC information provided on college pages or returned from college Web search engines are provided as a courtesy. They should not be considered as an endorsement by TMCC of the content or views of the linked materials. TMCC is not responsible for the privacy practices, activities, or content of such independent sites. The materials on such independent sites are the opinion of the specified author(s) and are not statements of advice, opinion, support or information of TMCC.

See Also: Third-party Community Building Websites Policy

College News

Students & Staff Election Participation

Early voting for Washoe County residents comes to TMCC, and a candidate forum helped students become informed.

Trellis to Remember Licata

The shade structure that a TMCC professor envisioned is completed after his death.

Calendar of Events

SGA Finance Committee Meeting

Friday, October 24
RDMT 122, Dandini Campus

DRC Disability Awareness Coalition Event

Friday, October 24
Idlewild Park, 1900 Idlewild Dr., Reno