Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Bilingual Fluency Certification

Prove your (or your employees') foreign language skills

Secure independent validation of your bilingual skills for enhanced career opportunities or professional advancement. If you're a manager, ensure your staff and potential employees possess the bilingual skills you need.

WDCE offers two assessments to certify language proficiency

Level One: costs $125, measures the ability to converse in a select language, as well as understand questions and respond correctly. This oral abilities assessment is 30 minutes long.

Level Two: costs $165, demonstrates writing literacy in a select language and assesses correct grammatical skills, as well as the person's ability to write, edit, proofread, translate and create written documents. This written test takes four hours to complete.

Let us help you with your professional goals

WDCE is located in TMCC's Meadowood Center in Reno, Nevada. To register, or for further details, contact us.