Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Teach for WDCE or Washoe Community Education

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Change people's lives by sharing your knowledge with others. Teach for us!

Have Professional Development Expertise?

TMCC's Workforce Development and Continuing Education department is dedicated to supporting Washoe County residents' goals of financial security. We also serve the business community through our customized business training and are always seeking qualified trainers with technical expertise in any area of business, manufacturing, construction, mining and electronics.

Possess a Passion and Talent for a Personal Enrichment Subject?

If you are a recognized authority in an avocation such as dance, art, fitness, culture/religion, cuisine and more, consider teaching for Washoe Community Education. No college degrees are needed, just an eagerness to share your skills with others.

Are you a Qualified OSHA, EPA, DOT Trainer?

The TMCC Safety Center is always looking for experienced professionals to teach public and custom classes.

Why should you teach for TMCC's noncredit divisions or Washoe Community Education?

  • Many of our classes, which are not bound by a semester system, are short in duration and your time commitment can be minimal.
  • We offer northern Nevada's most comprehensive array of topics.
  • Students take your class because they want to, not because they have to.
  • Earn extra money teaching what you love.
  • We hold hundreds of courses in a variety of topics. Teach what you've always wanted to teach!

Is your course well-suited to TMCC noncredit divisions or Washoe Community Education?

Proposed courses are evaluated and selected on the basis of:

  • Marketability
  • Customer need
  • Non-duplication of TMCC noncredit/credit courses
  • Availability of facilities

Application/Course Proposal Form

If you're interested in teaching, please submit a Course Proposal and Instructor Information form.