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TMCC Writers' Conference

Achieve your writing goals!

For 25 years, the TMCC Writers' Conference has offered one of the West's best writing events in Reno, Nevada. This conference is held on a weekend in April.

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For decades, TMCC has assisted writers, like you, in their quest for writing excellence. Strengthen your prose, discover what agents want from authors and gain new contacts to further your creative journey, whether it’s writing that first draft or getting your manuscript published. Enjoy an intimate and casual environment that fosters interaction between speakers and participants.

What Writers Have to Say About This Not-To-Be-Missed Event

Being in such a creatively charged environment as the TMCC Writers' Conference is always encouraging and inspiring to me. And I always learn something new and useful about successful writing and publishing techniques.

Nissa, 2012 participant

I felt as though I'd somehow cheated TMCC—I got so much more out of this conference than I ever expected when I paid the fees. Honestly, I've had semester-long college courses that did not leave me with this much information and this many fabulous tips for success. As a published writer already, I'm blown away by how much this conference had to offer. Absolutely worth every penny.

Kristina, 2012 participant

I was skeptical that I would learn much from a one-day conference, but there is always something to learn when you get together with other writers who are all at different stages in their writing journey. The mix of speakers offered a little bit of everything. While I was already familiar with some of what was presented, there was just as much that was new. Lots of "ah ha" moments...All in all, a valuable experience.

Iris, 2012 participant