Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Translator and Interpreter Training

Make Your Bilingual Skills Work for You

Train for an in-demand career that offers you an intellectually stimulating and highly satisfying workday at a good salary. Translators and interpreters say they love the variety and liken their tasks to spending the day solving puzzles and researching interesting facts. Through this profession, you can bolster communication, share the wisdom of differing cultures, aid international trade and even further diplomatic relations between countries.

TMCC's WDCE offers accelerated training to get you the relevant skills you need to succeed.

Enjoy the convenience of our noncredit classes. There are no applications to submit and you'll attend courses in our convenient location with free parking. Contact us for course details.

  • Spanish/English Translation (held each fall)
  • Spanish/English Medical Interpreting (held each fall)
  • Spanish/English Court Interpreting (held each January)
  • Sign Interpretation for the Deaf (held in the summer)

Anyone who works in the medical field that speak English and Spanish would benefit from this the Spanish-English Medical Interpreting.

Norma M., medical interpreting students

Demand for qualified interpreters and translators will continue to grow.

As long as definitions evolve, people use slang and words can take on different meanings through cultural subtext, satire, nuances and innuendo, there will always be a demand for this profession. In addition, the growing global marketplace requires businesses to compete at an increased level, many hiring people with the necessary language skills. Federal, state, county governments and international organizations, such as the United Nations and World Health Organization rely on skilled bilingual professionals.

Earnings outlook

  • Freelancers can anticipate making $50,000+ annually
  • Entry level staff positions start between $22,000 and $35,000
  • Median income for staff positions are $80,000-$100,000

Translating careers

Translators take the written word and convey a meaning in another language, meaning your work could lead to your name in print. To be a successful translator, you need to be methodical and scholarly, a stickler for detail and thrive on solitary work. In addition, you must have a thorough grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation. As a translator, you'll work on a wide variety of projects that could include:

  • Textbooks
  • Advertisements
  • Comic books
  • Training manuals
  • Poetry
  • Greeting cards
  • Cookbooks
  • Tax returns
  • Websites
  • Business contracts

Interpreting careers

Interpreters work with the spoken word to facilitate accurate communication with others. To be a successful interpreter, you need to think fast on your feet; be highly articulate, outgoing and a good public speaker; and you must be comfortable working with everyone from the well educated to those with limited vocabularies.

Interpreter's tasks can include escorting foreign visitors, phone interpreting, sight interpreting (combines both written and oral skills) and simultaneous/conference interpreting.

You could also assist with communicating:

  • Witness testimony
  • Broadcast news
  • Political speeches
  • Movie dialogue
  • Business contracts
  • Medical information
  • Textbooks

Enjoy your journey as you capitalize on your love of language: Buena suerte, bonne chance, boa sorte and good luck!