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Floral Industry Training

Your creativity can enhance pivotal times in people's lives.

Surround yourself with beauty, pleasing scents and bright colors by becoming a floral designer. With TMCC's WDCE, you can complete your floral training and become workplace ready in just two weeks.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a love of flowers or an interest in business. Very fun, interesting and thorough.

Pat J, Floral Industry Student

The benefits of a floral industry career

  • Use your creative talents
  • Enjoy fast-paced work that changes day-to-day
  • Work in a clean, comfortable environment
  • Help people in planning the important events in their lives
  • Find work in florist shops, garden centers, grocery stores, hospitals and more.
  • Work with people who are similarly creative and upbeat

Flowers convey meaning

Florists know that arrangements communicate emotion to their clients. Designs convey love, happiness, celebration and grief.

Just as an artist must understand her medium's techniques to create pleasing images, floral arrangers must understand design and color principles, as well as the different attributes of a wide range of flowers and plants. With a shrinking global marketplace, designers have the world's array of flora available to them to assemble striking creations.

Career opportunities

Floral arrangers can expect to earn about $20,000 to $30,000 a year. Entry level positions are usually easy to find. With experience, you can even start your own florist business.

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