Workforce Development and Continuing Education

WDCE Faculty and Staff

Kathy Berry Photo Name: Kathy Berry
Title: Program Manager,
Marketing and Conferences
Location: MDWS 307
Telephone: 775-824-8626
Photo Not Available Name: Teresa Brooks
Title: Support for Massage,
Personal Trainer, COT
Location: MDWS 216 A
Telephone: 775-824-3830
Cheli Cuevas Photo Name: Cheli Cuevas
Title: Support for Customized Training
Location: MDWS 216 F
Telephone: 775-824-3829
Nicole McDowell Photo Name: Nicole McDowell
Title: Program Manager,
Professional Development and
Personal Enrichment
Location: MDWS
Telephone: 775-824-3819
Marie Murgolo-Poore Photo Name: Marie Murgolo-Poore
Title: Dean,
Business Division, WDCE
Location: SIER 203 F
Telephone: 775-337-5608
Jim Nichols Photo Name: Jim Nichols
Title: Program Director, Nevada LTAP
Location: MDWS 302
Telephone: 775-829-9022
Deb O'Gorman Photo Name: Deb O'Gorman
Title: Director, Customized Training, Online Courses,
Certification/WorkKeys Testing
Location: MDWS 319 E
Telephone: 775-824-3811
Photo Not Available Name: Eriko Sakamura
Title: Math Coordinator/Instructor
Location: (Remote)
Telephone: 775-824-8628
Rick Sorensen photo Name: Rick Sorensen
Title: Program Specialist,
Silver College, Marketing
Location: MDWS 216 E
Telephone: 775-824-3833
Photo Not Available Name: Saray Wagner
Title: Registration Assistant
Location: MDWS 216
Telephone: 775-824-3801
Amy Williams Photo Name: Amy Williams
Title: Director, WDCE noncredit/credit programs
and Adult Basic Education
Location: MDWS 319 B
Telephone: 775-824-3831