Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Upcoming Courses

April 2014


Professional Advancement Certificates

  • Professional Sales Certificate


  • Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business
  • eBay 1 and 2—Selling Series
  • Excel Essentials II
  • Photoshop Elements Basics
  • Photoshop Elements Layers and Effects
  • Word 2013 Essentials

Grant Writing

  • Project Management
  • Refining Grant Writing Skills

Herbal Studies

  • Herbal Formulations
  • Practical Herbology II

Massage Therapist Training

  • Reflexology
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy

Professional Skills

  • Creativity in Business
  • How to Make it in Voiceovers
  • Nonprofit Success Secrets--Building a Strong Board

$25 Massage

Washoe County School District Community Education


  • Beginning Techniques with Soft Pastels
  • Bob Ross Technique for Oil Painting Flowers
  • Clay Building Techniques
  • Coloring Between the Lines with Colored Pencils
  • Fashionable Purses and Totes
  • Glass Fusion: Jewelry Making
  • Make Art Your Business
  • Pottery on the Wheel
  • Spring Watercolor Flowers
  • Weaving I

Camps for Kids

  • Fundamentals of Drawing for Ages 12+
  • Pastel Drawing on Fabric—Ages 8-12
  • Video Games 2: Learning and Design—Ages 11-14


  • Zumba at Dilworth for Kids and Adults—Ages 12+

Drivers’ Education for Teens

Fitness and Sports

  • Golf at Rosewood Lakes
  • Lunch-time Yoga


  • Cake Decorating - Fondant 1
  • Cake Decorating - Fondant 2

Health and Wellness

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques and Stress Reduction
  • Pilates: Pelvic Floor Pilates for Women's Health

Home and Garden

  • Floral Arranging for Fun: Spring Colors
  • High Desert Edible Gardening

Kenpo Karate for Kids


  • Practical Italian II


  • Estate Planning--Control Your Legacy


  • Beginning Fly Fishing
  • Birds and Wildlife of Bodega Bay
  • Train to Hike Half Dome


  • Digital Camera Basics
  • Garden Photography

Pilates Using a Reformer

Real Estate

  • HUD Properties for First-Time Home Buyers

Silver Arts

  • Digital Camera and Your Computer
  • Digital Camera Intermediate
  • Photoshop Elements Layers and Effects

Silver Technology

  • Excel 2013 Basics
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate

Silver Wellness

  • Silver Pilates Using a Reformer
  • Silver Yoga

Youth Courses

  • Kids Kitchen: Appetizers and Fun Foods
  • Novel Writing for Kids—Ages 11-17
  • Wheatley Taekwon-Do

Writers’ Conference


  • Novel Writing Workshop

Nevada Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Flagger Certification

Nevada LTAP Nevada LTAP

  • Gravel Road Maintenance
  • Summer Survival
  • Work Place Safety

TMCC Safety Center

Motorcycle Program

  • Basic Motorcycle Ridercourse

Safety / Regulatory Compliance

  • 8 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Refresher
  • Forklift Safety Training
  • OSHA Lead Action Level Training

First Aid and CPR