Workforce Development and Continuing Education

WDCE Pronto Spanish Online Courses

Learn Spanish on your terms and on your schedule. All self-paced courses include basic greetings and general Spanish vocabulary to help you communicate your best at work. To register for these $129 courses, please contact us.

Spanish for Banking

Customer service terms, phrases dealing with opening an account, cashing a check, depositing a check, withdrawals and transfers, applications and general banking vocabulary.

Spanish for Construction

Building areas, hand tools, power tools, construction equipment, building supplies, hardware, landscaping, painting, and electrical terms, safety equipment and supervisory expressions.

Spanish for Educators

Classroom, front-office, study skills, registration, school rules and behavior terminology. Ideal for teachers, administrators, and school support staff.

Spanish for EMTs and Paramedics

Common injuries, water emergencies, body parts, organs, patient examination, pain descriptions, patient care, intake information, medical history and insurance terminology.

Spanish for Firefighters

Vocabulary and phrases to better discuss fire and life safety inspections, water emergencies, general emergencies and common injuries, medical vocabulary, intake information, building areas, directions and safety equipment.

Spanish for Food Service

Menu terms, meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, beverages, service station, condiments, types of china and flatware, room set-up and cleaning supplies. For restaurant managers, wait staff, cooks and anyone working in food service.

Spanish for Health Care

Admissions and registration procedures, body parts, organs, emergencies, common injuries, medical history, the patient examination, pain, care, discharge instructions, prescriptions and insurance vocabulary.

Spanish for Hospitality

Housekeeping terms, cleaning supplies, maintenance, grounds keeping, basic hiring, interview questions, pay, job training, and performance expectations.

Spanish for Human Resources

Job applications, hiring, interview questions, data verification, payroll, benefits, medical insurance, training, rules, complaints, job expectations and performance evaluation.

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Interview people, give law enforcement commands, discuss traffic laws and problems, along with weapons, accidents and injuries, people descriptions and the Miranda warning.

Spanish for Manufacturing

Factory vocabulary, common commands, hand tools, power tools, supplies and materials, hardware, clean-up terms, measurements, safety equipment, job expectations, job performance, supervisory terms, schedules and hazardous materials.

Spanish for Public Safety Officers

Survival words, commands, Miranda warning, characteristics, directions, emergencies, common injuries, terms used in law enforcement, firefighting and paramedic careers.

Spanish for Social Services

Interview phrases, outreach visit, insurance terms, medical history, feelings, agency services, common places, accidents/common injuries and emergencies.

Spanish for Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Terms used in warehousing, equipment, safety, numbers, time, calendar, supplies and material handling.

Spanish for the Workplace

Common Spanish words and phrases used in the workplace.