Vice President of Academic Affairs

Performing Arts Coordinator

Per the NFA Contract, Article 10, TMCC is announcing to all eligible Academic and Administrative faculty that a need exists for a Performing Arts Coordinator.

Posting Date

May 17, 2014.


The Coordinator is to assist the Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department with the following support as related to the Performing Arts areas.

Scope of Work

This assignment will begin Aug. 14, 2014 and will end June 30, 2014; approximately 105 work hours/semester (210 work hours/year).

Responsibilities and Deliverables

The Coordinator will perform the following tasks:

  1. In conjunction with the other full time faculty, develop a clearly articulated process, which may include a rubric, by which all auditions will be conducted.
  2. With the assistance of the other full-time faculty and utilizing the Human Resources system and process, recruit and recommend, including conducting reference checks, part-time faculty for teaching positions in all four programs.
  3. With the assistance of the Chair, observe and mentor part-time faculty in teaching situations in all four programs.
  4. With assistance of other full-time faculty, recommend textbooks and coordinate textbook orders and follow through to make sure all orders are successful.
  5. Along with the Department Chair, coordinate the programs’ liaisons with UNR and other system institutions.
  6. With assistance from other full-time faculty, develop, promote and deliver programs for the community.
  7. Design and develop new courses, programs and curricula as needed.
  8. Prepare documents affecting the operation of the program such as strategic plans, equipment requests, facilities planning, program reviews, budget requests, etc. Be responsible for Applied Music classes including: Assign individual students with individual instructors for Applied (private lesson) music classes; ensure that proper times, locations, and required meeting hours are arranged.
  9. Organize and attend Music Jury Adjudications for all applied students and their instructors at the end of each semester.
  10. Collect and input all grades of students from applied instructors (as applied classes are under the Music Coordinator’s name in the grade book system).
  11. Work closely with the Chair to resolve issues and problems related to part-time faculty in all four programs in terms of employment.
  12. Develop each semester’s class schedule for assigned areas of responsibility.
  13. Under the supervision of the Department Chair, maintain the operating budgets and supervise lab accounts related to all areas of music, musical theater, theater and dance.
  14. Coordinate the tracking and support of the student progress in each of the four programs.
  15. Attend regular meetings with the Dean and Department Chairs.
  16. The coordinator will be the Production Coordinator for the fall Choreographer’s Showcase Performance, and the Spring Dance Concert.
  17. The coordinator will coordinate the semester-end music performances for the music ensembles.
  18. Dance curriculum needs to be revised to accommodate amendments to the class meeting time minutes and credit structure.
  19. Other duties as agreed upon by Coordinator and Department Chair or Dean.
  20. Accountability: At the end of each semester, the program coordinator will provide a written report that details the progress and activities of the performing arts area to the Department Chair and Dean. The report will describe that semester’s progress on each job duty.


The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following criteria:

  • Current TMCC performing arts faculty.
  • One year full time teaching experience in performing arts.
  • Must be familiar with the curriculum components of the performing arts, including assessment practices, as well as the relevant transfer agreements between TMCC and UNR.
  • Must be familiar with budgeting pertaining to the performing arts and equipment. Accurate resource management is vital.
  • Must possess a thorough understanding of all the performing arts programs.
  • Knowledge of the RPAC space, scheduling, and use is necessary.


Monetary equivalent of 3 credits per semester (total 6 per year).

Reports To

Visual and Performing Arts Chair.

Application Process

Interested faculty will submit a letter of interest describing qualifications and background information as relevant to the responsibilities outlined above and a current CV. The letter should be addressed to the Dean of Liberal Arts and must be received in that office by 5 p.m. on June 10, 2014.

Selection Process

The Dean of Liberal Arts will notify applicants of the hiring decision on or before June 13, 2014.