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Early voting for Washoe County residents comes to TMCC, and a candidate forum helped students become informed.

Trellis to Remember Licata

The shade structure that a TMCC professor envisioned is completed after his death.

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Friday, October 24
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Friday, October 24
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Certified Nursing Assistant/Clinical Lab Specialist Coordinator

Per the NFA Contract, Article 10, TMCC is announcing to all eligible Academic and Administrative faculty that a need exists for a Certified Nursing Assistant/Clinical Lab Specialist Coordinator.

Posting Date

May 2014.


The Certified Nursing Assistant Program Coordinator/Clinical Lab Specialist will (1) oversee the curriculum, training facilities, and faculty involved with the CNA/CLS Programs and course offerings, (2) maintain compliance with regulations, (3) recruit and orient part time nursing faculty, and (5) coordinate all CNA/CLS Program activities.

Scope of Work

The Coordinator position serves during the academic term 2014-15.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  1. Assist with the development of the budget of the programs.
  2. Assist with the development of procedures for admission to the programs.
  3. Select and supervise such number of qualified instructors as is necessary to carry out the programs.
  4. Obtain adequate educational facilities for training, including areas to practice nursing skills.
  5. Obtain adequate clinical facilities for training.
  6. Provide each trainee with instructional materials during those hours in which they can be put to maximum use.
  7. Plan an orientation program for trainees at each clinical facility used for training. The time spent for orientation may not be included in the hours required for training (minimum 75).
  8. Ensure that each trainee is clearly identified as a trainee in a manner which is easily recognizable to each patient, member of a patient’s family, visitor or member of the medical staff with whom the trainee works.
  9. Develop a system of maintaining permanent records which are essential to the operation of the program, including:
    1. The current and final records of each trainee, which may include a list of the duties to be performed and the skills to be learned in the program, with notations of satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance, the date of the performance and the name of the supervising instructor.
    2. The current records of the activities of the program.
    3. The records of each instructor.
  10. Develop written policies for admission to, continuance in, and dismissal and withdrawal from the program.
  11. Report to the academic administrator of the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN) the name of each trainee who satisfactorily completes the program within 30 days after the completion of the program.
  12. Submit annual reports on forms provided by the NSBN containing information required.
  13. Curriculum development.
  14. Development of resources for students.
  15. Determination of program outcomes, with determinants of student success.
  16. Negotiate with existing TMCC services, faculty and staff to ensure operation of the CNA/CLS Program.
  17. Coordinate CNA/CLS skills laboratory activities to include the following:
    • Serve as a recource person in the development and execution skills procedures in the lab.
    • Coordinate instructional laboratories for CNA/CLS students and faculty and work to assure these laboratories complement course requirments.
    • Orient and train new faculty to operation of Skills Laboratory, including ordering of supplies, disposal of equipment, laundry, etc.
    • Take overall responsibility for operation of Skills Laboratory.
    • Assure that biohazard laboratory waste is properly handled.
    • Perform assigned duties in a manner consistent with standards, mission and goals of Truckee Meadows Community College.
    • Maintain sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and disabilities of community college students.
    • Comply with published college policies and procedures.
    • Other duties as assigned.


The ideal candidate will meet the following criteria:

  • Current TMCC Nursing faculty.
  • Preferred: One year teaching experience.
  • Preferred: Experience in Certified Nursing Assistant coordination and/or experience in Clinical Lab Specialist coordination.


This 6-credit release or stipend per semester for Fall and Spring Semesters beginning Fall Semester 2014. Note that Summer is considered an extension of Spring Semester.

Reports To

The Dean for the Division of Sciences.

Application Process

Interested faculty will submit a letter of interest describing special qualifications and background information no later than 5 p.m. on May 30, 2014. The letter should be addressed to the Dean of Sciences. Note: Administrative faculty must include a documented plan for separation of the additional assignment work from regular work time.

Selection Process

The Dean of Sciences will notify applicants of the hiring decision on or before June 6, 2014.