Veterans Benefits

New Applicants - Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 GI Bill

VA Form 22-1990

This is your application for educational benefits. Before completing the form, please read fully the form's "Information and Instructions" pages. Also, please read each question carefully before answering it! It is extremely important that you answer questions accurately.

To receive 100% of this benefit the requirements are:

  1. 36 months of active duty service (active duty for training does not apply).
  2. Must be enrolled in 12 certified credits for the full semester.
  3. Must be enrolled in at least 1 resident course (on-campus course).
  4. Must be awarded 100% of this benefit. If you are rated at a lesser percentage, (listed on your Certificate of Eligibility) you will receive your tuition/fees/BAH/Book stipend based on that percentage.

Additional Information

  • Basic Housing Allowance and Book Stipend: In order to receive the basic housing allowance (paid by school's zip code - rate on VA's website) and book stipend at the 100 percent benefit level the veteran must have been awarded 100% by the VA and be a full-time student (12 certified credits). Any percentage less than 100 percent will result in a prorated amount for the BAH and book stipend. BAH payment will be forfeit if enrollment falls below seven credits. The Book Stipend is paid at the rate of $41.67 per certified credit, up to $1,000 for a full year. The BAH and book stipend payments will be sent to you, based on the banking information you provided on the application submitted for VA education benefits. Call 1-877-838-2778 to set-up Direct Deposit.
  • Online Classes: If enrolled solely in distance learning (online classes only) benefits are payable at one-half the national average BAH for an E-5 with dependents. The pay chart is available on the VA's website.
  • Tuition and Fees: The TMCC VA Certifying Official bills the VA when the certification is submitted. The student will be placed on a "do not purge" list which protects the enrollment. It is the student's responsibility to identify as a Chapter 33 Veteran by submitting the VA Form. This must be submitted and received by the VA school certifying official before the TMCC Accounting Services payment deadline each semester to avoid being dropped for non-payment. This is a courtesy of TMCC only and not NSHE policy.
  • Nevada Non-Resident Tuition and Fees: The VA will not pay any portion of Nevada non-resident tuition and fees. You will be responsible for these costs.
  • Nevada National Guard: If you are utilizing the NV National Guard tuition waiver, your tuition and fees have been waived. The only portion that remains unpaid is the TMCC Tech Fee, which will be covered by VA education benefits. You will not receive any "reimbursement" for tuition and fees that have been waived.
  • VA Last Payor: If additional funding sources exist, tuition and fees will be paid utilizing those funds first. If any costs remain, the VA pays last. Federal financial aid and non-restricted scholarships are exempt from this rule.
  • See Additional Information for Applicants

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