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ESL Tutoring exists to enhance or supplement students' individual efforts in English Language Acquisition by providing a place with programs and resources for students to practice and perfect specific areas of need related to pronunciation, grammar, syntax, reading, and writing. We are located inside the Tutoring and Learning Center, Vista B106C


We have tutors who help you gain access to a library of resources to practice many communications skills. To make an ESL tutoring appointment, please use the TLC Online Scheduler.

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What We Offer

  • Get help with any ESL homework.
  • Learn to use the great resources available to help with learning English: books, CD's, videos, cassettes.
  • Practice the basic ESL skills: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Grammar.


In order to make your tutoring experience most effective, please adhere to the following policies:

  • Have your assignment, assignment instructions, textbook, paper, writing utensils and anything else that is necessary to maximize the quality of your session.
  • Keep noise to a reasonable level and refrain behaviors that disturb others. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to work in a quiet and productive workspace. ERC tutors reserve the right to ask disruptive students to leave and not return if necessary.
  • Always feel free to ask questions if an explanation does not make sense to you.
  • Tutors will enhance your finished work, but they will not complete coursework for you.
  • Tutors are not authorized to teach students. If you do not understand course concepts, then your instructor is your best resource.
  • Tutors will not edit entire writing assignments. Tutors will perform a “paper review,” which consists of the following:
    • Checking for the presence of a thesis statement
    • Checking for correct academic writing format
    • Checking for the presence of an introduction and a conclusion
    • Examination of one paragraph for common grammatical errors
  • Tutors will not make judgments on the quality of students' work, whether an assignment is “good” or otherwise. Your instructor determines that during the grading process.

Other ESL Resources

All Skills

Dave's ESL Café
Idioms, quizzes, slang

English Club
Quizzes, jokes

ESL Independent Study Lab
TOEFL, games

ESL Resource Center
Lessons, exercises for all skills

KarIn's English PartyLand
Quizzes and trivia on many topics

Many Things
Anagrams, quizzes on all topics

The Internet TESL Journal
Games, quizzes on many topics


American Accent Training
Very specific help with pronunciation

Eva Easton's Authentic American Pronunciation
Listening exercises, quizzes, songs


Activities 4 ESL Student
Grammar and vocabulary quizzes, games

Story Archives

Writing Den


Vocabulary and spelling games

TELF Games
Vocabulary games

The Free Dictionary


CNN News

The Online News Hour

Voice Of America

Study Skills

Cal Poly
Exercises, notes to help improve your study skills

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