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Tech Prep Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Tech Prep's most commonly asked questions.

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How many credits may I earn through TMCC Tech Prep?

A maximum of 21 credits may be earned through the tech prep program.

I am in the TMCC Tech Prep program. What if I decide to attend a college other than TMCC?

Credits earned through tech prep may transfer to another college. The college that you will be attending will make the decision regarding acceptance of these credits. To obtain an official transcript of your TMCC credits for submission to the college you are going to attend, please complete the transcript request form. You can view and print unofficial transcripts in your online registration account, if you have attended TMCC within the last year.

See also: Course Equivalency Comparison/Transfer Articulation

Is there a fee for TMCC Tech Prep?

Currently, there is no tuition fee for the college credits you earn through the tech prep program.

What if I have additional questions about TMCC Tech Prep?

Please contact the tech prep office.

When will I receive my credit for TMCC Tech Prep?

Your credit(s) will be processed at the end of the class you are enrolled in.