Student Support

Student Printing

Printing Accounts

It may take up to 48 hours to create your printing account after you enroll in a class. Student printing accounts will only be active during the semester that you are currently enrolled.

After each semester, printing accounts will be zeroed out and reset to $10.00.

Printing Vouchers

Vouchers are good for the entire academic year (i.e., late August through June of the following year). Once the code on the voucher is used, the credit is immediately applied and is only good for the current academic semester.

Print Voucher Vending Machine Locations

  • Red Mountain Building: Student Center Lobby
  • Sierra Building: Lobby
  • Vista Building: Lobby
  • IGT Applied Technology Center: Lobby
  • High Tech Center at Redfield ($5 vouchers are available for purchase)
  • Meadowood Center

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$10 Print Credit

As part of the college's sustainability initiative, TMCC has implemented a printing paper waste reduction plan. Each registered student will receive a $10 print credit for each of the spring and fall semesters, as well as for the combined summer sessions.


All printing fees will be charged to the student's printing account.

Black and White

Students pay $0.07 per page single-sided, $0.05 per page double-sided on 8.5 x 11 inch pages at any of our Computer Labs or printer-enabled classrooms.


Color printing is available in the Computer Lab in SIER 109 at $0.20/page per single-sided, or $0.18 per page double-sided.

Printing Informational Overview

  • To log in to the system, you must use your TMCC account and password.
  • Log on to your printing account to view your printing account balance, the number of pages printed, as well as when and where pages were printed, along with your printing environmental impact.
  • Printers are available at all of TMCC computer labs and print-enabled classrooms.
  • Duplex printing (printing on both sides) is the default. Single-sided printing is available.
  • Tracks printing usage for all students.
  • Client software allows you to see the cost of your print job before you print.
  • More funds may be added to a student's account via the Print Accounting System via debit/credit card or by purchasing a printing voucher from designated vending machines or from the TMCC Bookstore.
  • Five dollar vouchers can be purchased from the Bookstore or at designated vending machines.
  • Students must select the Print Job Notification button to confirm they want to send the print job to the printer. It should be noted that a charge is not incurred by students until their print job has successfully been processed by the printer. Although a job may have been authenticated by the user, it is only logged as a valid charge when the printer completes the printout.

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