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Nursing Program Expanding in 2015

Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program will offer new degree and move into enlarged, remodeled facility.

Legacy Event Honors Students and Donors

TMCC Foundation hosts a festive dinner, creating connections for scholars and their benefactors.

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TMCC Fall 2014 Resource Fair

Wednesday, October 22
Student Center, Dandini Campus

Free Student Workshop: Understanding Student Loans

Wednesday, October 22
RDMT 412, Dandini Campus

Student Support Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Student Support's most commonly asked questions.

FAQ Subcategory:

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How do I access my free TMCC email account?

To access your free TMCC student email account, please visit Your log in information is the same as your MyTMCC username and password.

How do I access my online classes?

Online classes are accessed through Canvas Login. The log in username and password will be the same as your MyTMCC username and password.

How do I change my TMCC username?

Your name must first be officially changed with Admissions and Records before you can change your username. If you have already done so, contact WebCollege or Student Support.

Be aware that when you change your username, your original student email account will be deleted and replaced with a new account. Please forward or save any emails before changing your username.

How do I print in the academic labs?

I can log into MyTMCC, but I am getting an Oracle error after clicking on the Student Center. What should I do?

If you are not a current student (if you have not taken and passed a credit course within the last two years), or if you have graduated, you will not be able to access your Student Center. Contact the Student Support Center for further inquiries.

I can't log into my student Gmail account. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the student email portal, and you are not including "" in the username box.

Use the exact same username/password as you use to log into MyTMCC or the computers on campus.

If you still cannot log in, reset your password.

What services are provided to online students?

View the Online Services section under Current Students for a list of services offered.

What should I do if my online class is experiencing technical difficulty?

When dealing with technology there may be problems. Please plan ahead. If you are having a problem with the course material contact your instructor. Contact information for your instructor will be listed in the syllabus. If you are having a technical problem, please contact TMCC's WebCollege for assistance.

How do I get a student ID card?

  • You can obtain your student identification card at the ID station in RDMT 315.
  • You will need a government issued form of identification, such as a driver's license or passport. You will also need to be enrolled in at least one credit hour for the current semester.
  • ID cards are issued on the Saturday of the week before classes begin, and may be issued until the last day of the semester.
  • Each semester you will be issued a new sticker for the back of your ID card.
  • Your first student ID card is free of charge, but a $5 charge must be paid to replace a damaged or lost ID card. Pay at Accounting Services/Cashier's office and bring your receipt to the ID station in RDMT 315 to receive your replacement ID card.

AdmissionsBack to Top

Where do I pay for my TMCC classes?

You can pay for your TMCC classes in several locations:

  • You can pay by credit card on MyTMCC.
  • You can pay in person at Accounting Services (Cashier's), in the Red Mountain Building, room 318.
  • You can pay via drop-box at the south entrance of the Elizabeth Sturm Library, or the first floor of TMCC Meadowood Center.

MyTMCCBack to Top

What is MyTMCC?

The MyTMCC student portal is a "one-stop" gateway for accessing many college applications and tools.

Through the portal, you have access to the following:

  • 24/7 Access
  • An informative Checklist of "to do" items
  • Readily available access to all communications from the college
  • Shopping cart style registration convenience
  • Advanced planning tools
  • Much more...

To access MyTMCC, visit

How do new students obtain their MyTMCC username and password?

New students will be mailed (either by postal mail or email) their login information based on the communication preference they indicate on their application for admission. Email admission letters go out at 5 p.m. on the same day they are processed.

How was the new Peoplesoft/iNtegrate system funded?

Funding for this project was made possible through the support of the students of NSHE, the Board of Regents and the Nevada Legislature years ago.

I am having trouble logging in to MyTMCC. What should I do?

If you are having difficulties with your username/password, you can use the self-service tools to reset them.

The Online Student Support Center is available if you need additional assistance.

I put classes in MyTMCC's shopping cart. How do I complete the registration process?

To complete your registration:

  1. Log in to MyTMCC
  2. Select the 'Student Center' link
  3. Select your shopping cart
  4. Select the classes you wish to enroll in by checking the box next to the class
  5. Click the 'Enroll' button
  6. Click the 'Finish Enrolling' button to complete the process
  7. Use the delete button to remove classes that you are not planning to enroll in.

Student Support has a registration tutorial to assist you in registering for your classes.

I received a "Campus Portal" error message page. What do I do?

You should clear your web browser's cookies and cache (temporary internet files) and refresh MyTMCC.

If you continue to experience difficulty, contact the Student Support Center

Since MyTMCC is used by all NSHE institutions, does this mean that courses I took at other institutions will show up on my record? Will it eliminate the need for me to get transcripts?

No. MyTMCC will not replace each institution's transcript request process.

This system allows syncing of information between institutions and the electronic delivery of transcripts from one institution to another, but it is still a student-initiated decision to have a transcript sent from one institution to another. Most schools will require that you arrange to have all previous coursework sent to the most recent institution you are attending.

When can I register for classes?

The specific date you are allowed to register is based on your class standing. Log in to MyTMCC and click on the "Student Center" to view your enrollment date. You may register any time on or after that date.

RegistrationBack to Top

What do I do if I can't enroll in classes?

If you are experiencing difficulty enrolling in classes you should:

  • Check your holds. Log in to MyTMCC. Click on your "Student Center," and see if you have any holds listed on the right side of the page. Contact Admissions and Records for clarification on any holds listed here.
  • Check your prerequisites. You may not have completed the prerequisites for the class(es) you are trying to enroll in. Prerequisites are listed in the course catalog and class schedule search, underneath each class identifier. Log in to MyTMCC and check your transcript for classes that you have completed.
  • If you have any further questions regarding enrollment, contact Admissions and Records.

Self ServiceBack to Top

How do I get help using my TMCC email account?

View detailed email information from Google.

How do I get my student ID number?

Your Student ID number/NSHE ID is in the admissions letter you received either by email or postal mail.

If you do not have that available, you can log in to MyTMCC. Click on "Student Center" then in the Personal Information section click "Demographic Data."

If you know your Student ID but need to find your username and email address, you can use the Student Authentication Tools.

How do I get my username?

Use the Self Service Support tool. Click on "Retrieve Username". Enter your student ID number and the verification code.

How do I reset my MyTMCC/network/email password?

You will need to set a security question before you can reset your password.

After you have set your security question, click on "Reset Password". Enter either your username or Student ID number and the verification code. Answer the security question. You will then create your new password.

You can also use the Student Authentication Tools.

If the online reset does not work, contact the Student Support Center, and have your Student ID number ready.

I have been told to clear my browser cache, what does that mean?

Since MyTMCC is a Web-based system, the process of storing your navigation history in your Internet browser system can sometimes affect your experience in MyTMCC. View instructions on clearing your cache on Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 and/or Firefox.

TranscriptsBack to Top

How can I obtain a TMCC transcript?

Please go the National Student Clearinghouse to request official transcripts. Students are charged a fee to request an official transcript. Current students are still able to view and print out unofficial transcripts using MyTMCC.