Social Sciences Department

Social Sciences Faculty and Staff

Photo Not Available Name: Kevin Dugan
Title: PSY
Location: SIER 203 K
Telephone: 775-673-7283
Brian Fletcher Photo Name: Bob Fletcher
Title: PSY
Location: SIER 203 J
Telephone: 775-674-7527
Photo Not Available Name: John Frederick
Title: Administrative Assistant
Location: SIER 202
Telephone: 775-673-7185
Photo Not Available Name: Julia Hammett
Title: ANTH
Location: RDMT 334 O
Telephone: 775-674-7589
Photo Not Available Name: Phyllis Henderson
Title: EDU
Location: RDMT 336 B
Telephone: 775-673-7023
Photo Not Available Name: Micaela Rubalcava
Title: EDU
Location: RDMT 334 F
Telephone: 775-673-8230
Photo Not Available Name: Crystal Swank
Title: ECE
Location: RDMT 334
Telephone: 775-673-8272
Maria Teirumniks Photo Name: Maria Teirumniks
Title: SOC
Location: RDMT 321 I
Telephone: 775-673-7211
Sue Turbow Photo Name: Sue Turbow
Title: ECE
Location: CCC 101 A
Telephone: 775-673-7191

College News

Weekend CNA Class Offered

New Saturday/Sunday and accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant sections are available.

Stretch Math is Achievable

A math class option that takes out the fear and saves one semester is a cool stretch.

Calendar of Events

Professional Development Days

Thursday, August 21
Various Dandini locations

Part-Time Faculty Orientation

Thursday, August 21
Meadowood Center