Social Sciences Department

Social Sciences Department


The TMCC Social Sciences department provides students with a sense of the importance of cultural influences, a sense of history within the scope of changing cultural themes, and a sense of their own worth as human beings.

These understandings are refined through a sound curriculum in the behavioral sciences, which explains variations in human behavior based on theoretical models, instruction in research methods used by contemporary social scientists, and a special focus on interdisciplinary connections among topical social issues. As a group, we are committed to the excellence in the classroom delivered by instructors with deep and up-to-date knowledge of their subject and an understanding of the science of pedagogy.


The Social Sciences department seeks to offer courses and programs at the 100- and 200-level that become the first choice of Washoe County residents.

Why study Social Studies?

The study of social science helps us to make sense of what is happening in the world and of the forces holding everything together or tearing it apart. Social science also helps us to understand our social worlds: our communities, homes and workplaces. It illuminates the kinds of choices we face and how we make decisions.

Social science helps us to seek answers to many of the key issues that affect our lives and can give us insights into the questions that trouble us. For example:

  • What is the effect on crime of locking up more offenders?
  • Can we have cheap fuel and also sustain the environment?
  • Will extra funding solve the health crisis?
  • How do we decide which political party to vote for?
  • Should we worry about, or be pleased with, the advances in cloning and genetic manipulation? And many more.

People study social science because they want to understand more about issues and problems of everyday. They want to become better equipped to engage in discussion, to provide an informed view or to be more active citizens. Many also study to enhance their opportunities for jobs and careers at both professional and occupational levels, or simply for personal interest.

It is a fascinating area of study and people with a social sciences background are found in just about every occupation: media, banking, central and local government, hospitals and the caring professions, police, public sector, private institutions, voluntary organizations, working to save the environment, helping in urban regeneration, law, education and business.

College News

Students & Staff Election Participation

Early voting for Washoe County residents comes to TMCC, and a candidate forum helped students become informed.

Trellis to Remember Licata

The shade structure that a TMCC professor envisioned is completed after his death.

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DRC Disability Awareness Coalition Event

Friday, October 24
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Social Sciences Department

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