Skills Center

Making an Appointment with an Instructor

All weekly meetings are held at the Skills Center, Dandini Campus, Red Mountain Building, room 124. You will be meeting with an Instructor once a week for a 10-minute session for the entire semester.

How to Make an Appointment

  1. To sign in at a TMCC station, login in to the MyTMCC student portal. To sign in from any computer with Internet access, go to and sign in using your TMCC username and password.
  2. Once you are logged in, look under Other Resources, and click on Schedule Free Tutoring . If you are a first-time user and receive an error message, please refresh your browser (press F5 on a PC or Command-R on a Mac).

    Skills Center
  3. If this is the first tme you have accessed the scheduling system this semester, you will have to fill out a registration form. It will ask for your name, student ID number, and telephone number. After that, this information will be stored in our database.

    Skills Center
    Once registered, select the appropriate schedule for your term.  All tutors will appear on one schedule.

    Skills Center
  4. Search for the time you would like your meeting to be each week, and click on a WHITE BOX.

    Important: You must schedule your first meeting for the first week of class. This will be your schedule for the entire semester. See your class schedule, if necessary, to verify the start of your semester. Failure to show up for the 1st week of class will result in being dropped from the course.

    Skills Center

    • White Boxes indicate an available time slot.
    • Dark Blue Boxes indicate unavailable times slots.
    • Light Blue Boxes indicate other students' appointments.
  5. Fill in all required fields on the reservation window.
  6. To log out, click Log Out, available from the drop down menu under your name.

    Skills Center
  7. To modify your appointment, repeat the previous steps 1 through 3. Your appointment will appear in YELLOW on the schedule.

    Skills Center

How to Prepare for your Meeting

  • Check your email for your appointment confirmation. Keep in mind this may be your TMCC student email, depending on your Student Center preferences. This email will also include your instructor’s Course Code that you must have to start ALEKS.
  • To begin, you will also need an access code. You may purchase an access code for ALEKS at the TMCC bookstore or as part of the registration process at
  • Use your Course Code to register and get started at
    See Also: Getting Started with ALEKS.
  • Please be registered and complete your initial assessment in ALEKS before your first meeting.

What is Expected of You as a Student in the Skills Center

    • You need to come prepared for your meeting by arriving on time and signing in at the front desk.
    • You are expected to attend all scheduled meetings with your Instructor. If an unexpected situation arises that will prevent you from making your meeting it is your responsibility to contact your Instructor.
    • To be successful in the Math Skills Center, you must plan on committing at least 10 hours per week into the ALEKS program.